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1/24th Scale Figures

Discussion in 'General Boat Chat' started by mikeg8, Jul 12, 2005.

  1. mikeg8 Guest

    Hello All

    The light is beginning to show at the end of the tunnel on my Fairmile D Type build at 1/24th scale and I'd like to add some suitable figures. Has anyone any ideas where I could get some?


  2. duncan one more feather ......! Scale Model Member

    Mar 21, 2004
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    Scottish Highlands
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    Mike ,check your PMs, might be able to help.
  3. Uncivil Serpent Guest

    Hi Mike,

    Checkout http://www.deansmarine.co.uk/figures/figures1.htm


  4. Martyn Worsley Started Posting

    Nov 27, 2009
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    Gooseberry Hill, Western Australia
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    Crew figures to suit !:24 scale Fairmile D MTB/MGB

    Hello Mike,

    Yes, there is an excellent source for figures at the correct scale to suit your 1:24 Fairmile D. The person to contact is John Smith who runs a very small business, from his home I believe. You will need to write to him initially with your enquiry.

    Contact details are:-

    John Smith
    Precision Controls
    7 Glenburnie Road
    UK EX382LW

    The quality of his work is exceptionally good, most of his figures are in moulded resin but some fittings are white metal and brass. His work is relatively expensive, as one should anticipate for quality work. You will need to file out a few seams here and there as well as excess resin. Most of the white metal castings are very good, although again, most will need a light clean up with a variety of small needle files.
    Two things to be aware of; all resin mouldings will shatter or shed pieces if dropped, so you need to take care. Also, all mouldings need to be washed carefully in hot soapy water to remove the waxey release residue which is painted onto the moulds to enable the moulding to part cleanly from the mould.
    John Smith has a standard set of deck fittings to suit the Fairmile D, but you will need to vary this list a little according to whether you are building a MTB or a MGB. He also has a variety of officers and crew to man your model but you will need to work out yourself what your crew will consist of.
    Another supplied of resin mouldings, Mac's Mouldings can offer additional deck equipment (44 gallon drums, shell crates, rope coils etc.) should you wish to go to that detail. All mouldings and deck fittings as supplied are unpainted and will need a good deal of care and attention to achieve a quality finish. Nothing too difficult, if you are prepared to do a little work.
    I am sure you will already know that painting small parts is an art in itself and the finish can ultimately make or mar the final appearance.

    Good luck,
    Martyn Worsley
    (Australian Fairmile Squadron).
  5. tim Guest

    hi mike
    have a look at this site
    George Turner Models: Model planes, model boats, model cars and model figures.

    he goes to some of the bigger shows if you want to see before you buy

  6. new to trains Guest

    macs mouldings also sell george turners figures- combine the postage if you plan to buy some drums and stuff. !!!

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