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1/48 Tamiya FW190 A8/R2 *finished*

Discussion in 'Completed Aeroplanes' started by flounder_al, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. flounder_al

    flounder_al Luftwaffe Nachtjager fan Staff Member Moderator

    Well here is my latest offering to you all. Was a nice kit to build apart from the 'more than usual' bits of flash from Tamiya. Had to clean up quite a few bits. Now i know this is not in the norm so i'll let it go as a one off.

    Did a few new things with this kit.

    Firstly i've added undercarriage leg information plates. I made these out of degreased quality street tinfoil painted with semi-gloss humbrol (Satin Hu85) then lightly scratched the surface to make it look like writting.
    Secondly i've actually added aeriel wire inside the canopy and externally using EZ-line
    Thirdly i've had a go at mottling. Have to say my new airbrush should take the plaudits for that. Not up to some of your standards on here but at least it's a starting point lol

    So here we go :)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    Last edited: Dec 30, 2011
  2. treyzx10r

    treyzx10r treyzx10r Scale Model Member

    Al super looking 190 ! I like what you've done with the mottle . I've not used easy line before how was it to work with?
  3. flounder_al

    flounder_al Luftwaffe Nachtjager fan Staff Member Moderator

    It was dead easy to use. Loves sticking to things with static though lol. But other then that i'm going to use it all the time for my aeriels
  4. Ian M

    Ian M GB+SIG Mod. Staff Member Admin

    Real nice butcher there Allyne.
    It looks like you have gotten the hang of that airbrush pretty quick!

    Nice one'
    Ian M
  5. mossiepilot

    mossiepilot A learner learning Scale Model Member

    Nice, very nice 190 Allyne.

  6. stona

    stona Scale Model Member

    Very nice indeed. I was watching your progress in your build thread,you certainly got the hang of your airbrush quick enough!
  7. flounder_al

    flounder_al Luftwaffe Nachtjager fan Staff Member Moderator

    Steve. Would you recommend less mottling? It seems a little OTT
  8. stona

    stona Scale Model Member

    It varied a lot. Some had very little out of the factory,certainly far less than on their competitors from the Messerschmitt plants. It's always best to try and find a reference for your aircraft or at least one in the same unit or production block.
  9. yak face

    yak face Staff Member Moderator

    Beautiful job allyne, looks the business , cheers tony
  10. flounder_al

    flounder_al Luftwaffe Nachtjager fan Staff Member Moderator

    Cheers guys. I enjoyed building it and trying out the new airbrush on it. Could have made certain things alot better but was done as a quick build :)
  11. spanner570

    spanner570 SALAD DODGER Scale Model Member

    Very nice build and paintwork Allyne.
    I do like the mirror image photos, great idea!

    Yep, very nice....

  12. Vaughan

    Vaughan Scale Model Member

    A very nice finish Allyne.
  13. colin m

    colin m Scale Model Member

    Great job Allyne. I like the look of the 190 and you've made a nice job of this one.

    Colin M........
  14. papa 695

    papa 695 Scale Model Member

    Like the others have said thats one great looking 190 Allyne very well build and painted a 5 from me

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