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1/72 scale Revell U-Boat convert to surface running

Discussion in 'Submarines Under Construction' started by postman_polly, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. postman_polly

    postman_polly Scale Model Member

    Hi one and all, after a number of years making r/c boats this is my first attempt at submarines and have decided to convert this sub to surface running r/control.
    I've been browsing the various topics on this great forum and didn't realise what I was getting into with this kit. After all, I thought, a submarine is a submarine??? How wrong can I be. After only a little research on this site I am now aware of the complexities of the task ahead.
    I bought the kit some months ago and it's been sitting in my garage just waiting to be started. I have a large number of back issues of Model Boat and managed to find the article that explains how to go about this conversion. The suggested supplier for the parts to complete this conversion was given in the article so an order was promptly sent.
    On receipt of the bits my first impression was how big the motors are. In the article it is suggested that servo motors will fit and would be suitable. These motors look tiny in the article but I have been supplied with 2 x 380 type motors complete with metal motor mounts.
    I've decided to start the build and see how I get on. But, with the vast amount of information available on the net and in the forum, I'll probably spend more time reading than I will on the build but I'm hoping to be able to make my sub look a bit like the real thing. I just haven't decided which real life sub I want mine to the model of.
    So, will my motors fit?? and how is it best to mount them within the plastic hull?
    Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'll try to show pics of the sub as the build progresses.
  2. tom p

    tom p Scale Model Member

    Hi, I to was looking to start my first R/C submarine project and posted an enquiry on this site. Unfortunately seems to be not used very much and never got an answer. If you join the Subcommittee message board there is a hell of a lot of people willing to help and there is 4 times as much information than that is available here. As for the Revell conversion I know there is an American site Big Dave's WTC's Big Daves designs do watertight compartment so you would be able to dive the kit also, check out his site makes me wish I never finished my Revel VIIc. Regards Tom
  3. postman_polly

    postman_polly Scale Model Member

    Cheers Tom,
    Looked at Big Dave's and I'm impressed with what I see. Unfortunately, at present, my budget will not run to a full bodied 'dive 'em submerge and float' sub. So I'll just have to stick with the surface running. I'm also looking at putting some sound in the hull, possibly a ranting Adolph or the national anthem (German of course) I'm really surprised with the amount of info about an individual sub that can be found on the 'net. I've actually found the crew list of U69 when she was depth charged in 1943 when all crew were lost. I've also looked at Subcommittee's site which looks very impressive indeed and may be exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks again for the info
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2010

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