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Discussion in 'General Boat Chat' started by kgurd, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. kgurd Guest

    Hi, I,m hoping that someone out there can tell me more bout this model manufacturer. I know they were producing model kits after the second world war, and at one time they were based in Brockenhurst in the New Forest. I am especially interested in the Seaplane Tender kit they produced. I would welcome any information regarding this company. Very little info is out there on the net.
  2. mark holman Guest

    Help me to?!

    Hello kgurd

    have you found any information? If your knowledge is true then I may be able to source some info from your thread. I work for Southampton City Council and they have a fantastic archive of local history, especialy maritme.


  3. kgurd Guest

    Thank you for your reply,
    Fortunately i came across a book entitled "Model Boat Construction" and this had all the relevant information i required, with references to Fawley and Lymington.

  4. mark holman Guest


    I have an Adamcraft to! I have just bought it, I found it in a reclamation yard in Milford on sea.
    Can you give me the publisher name of the book or a usbn number? I cant find anything. My friend is a seaplave enthusiast, my boat isnt any of the ones in his books. Most of the seaplane tenders were from Vospers but allthough they are simular in style the Vosper boat had a roof line that had a higher section at the front, mine is one smooth line from front to back. As well as finding the original ship design I want to find the original model design before I start to restore it.



  5. kgurd Guest

    Hi Mark,
    The book in question is “Model Boat Construction” written in 1952 by Harvey A. Adam, founder of Adamcraft. It contains various plans includind the 30” Cabin Cruiser, which has an identical hull to the Sea Plane Tender but a different cabin. Unfortunately as most of the plans are printed on single pages it dose mean that some detail is lost when enlarging to the required size. There are some fascinating stories within the book especially how he used to race his models from Lymington across the Solent to Yarmouth and up to Hythe, where incidentally the full size Sea Plane Tenders were built by The British Power Boat Co.. His design was based loosely on the ST200 series, a 37.5 feet craft with excellent rough sea handling. Going back to the plans a much better idea would be to contact Peter Hill who is the Hon. Secretary of the Retro Racing Club. He can supply full size plans of most of the Adamcraft rang including the tender for £15-£20 pounds, address below.
    To find an Adamcraft Sea Plane Tender is a rare find these days. I have one in need of restoration. It still has the original electric motor that was made to look like a Perkins Diesel.

    Ivy House
    Main Road
    Great Carlton
    LN11 8JU
  6. mark holman Guest

    Thank you

    Thanks so much for your help.

    Great to finaly get a track on what I have found. I had allready ordered Model Boat Construction but by PW Blandford. Its a lovely little book but obviously doesnt reference Adamscraft.
    I have looked for a copy by Harvey A Adam but the only copy I found was on Amazon for £100! Is this the sort of price I need to pay?
    I went searching for the motor before recieveing your note, I too seem to have the original motor but when search model sites I found a Taycol motor that looks the same.
    I have had some pictures of my boat taken but my home PC isnt working well so having them emailed to work. Have you got any of yours? Very interested in the way it was made to look like a Perkins.
    My work email is mark.holman@southampton.gov.uk.
    Once again, thank you for your help. Hopefully I can start restoring mine soon.



  7. kgurd Guest

    Hi, Mark
    Unfortunately it’s a fairly rare book but one was sold on Ebay some weeks ago for £25. Taycol produced a wide range of motors in the 50’s. The most favourite for this type of craft being the Meteor or Standard. I had a Standard fitted to my Frog High Speed Launch and it went very well, being of the same construction as the Amadcraft tender but 36” long and somewhat heavier. These field wound motors are best suited to switch operated control via a servo rather than a modern Esc. I ended up replacing it with a 700 type modern electric motor. If you decide to replace the motor with a more modern one and Esc I would suggest perhaps using a 600 type on anything from 7.2 - 12volt.
    I've emailed a couple of pics that might be of interest.



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