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Review Airfix 1/72 Spitfire mk 22

Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by yak face, Sep 8, 2013.

  1. yak face

    yak face Staff Member Moderator

    Here we have the new tool Airfix Spitfire mk 22 in 1/72 scal
    The top opening box has a very nice rendition of the mk22 spit and as usual has the decal options on the side . The bottom tray has a series of building tips ,useful for younger or new modellers and the whole box has a real quality feel to it.
    On to the kit , there are 45 parts on 3 sprues of soft grey plastic and four clear parts.The instructions are the standard exploded diagram and an excellent four view colour diagram for both the decal options -a silver machine and a camouflaged example that took part in the cooper trophy air race .Panel lines are engraved and the exterior detail looks very comprehensive . The cockpit is very well represented and has seperate bulkheads and floor ,and raised detail on the sidewalls , the instrument panel being provided as a decal.Other nice touches include detail on the radiator faces ,in the wheel wells , and weighted tyres with a shaped attachment hole to ensure correct placement.The transparencies are very good, being crystal clear and having optional rear sections ,for open or closed . The decals are in perfect register with good colour density and full stencilling .This looks like a very nice kit and hopefully will build as good as it looks . Price £7.50 from scale models shop (other shops are available, but to be honest arent a patch on John!!) ,a lot of quality for a small price . well done Airfix keep it up! P1110929 [Desktop Resolution].JPG P1110930 [Desktop Resolution].JPG P1110931 [Desktop Resolution].JPG P1110932 [Desktop Resolution].JPG P1110933 [Desktop Resolution].JPG P1110934 [Desktop Resolution].JPG P1110935 [Desktop Resolution].JPG P1110936 [Desktop Resolution].JPG P1110937 [Desktop Resolution].JPG P1110938 [Desktop Resolution].JPG P1110939 [Desktop Resolution].JPG P1110940 [Desktop Resolution].JPG
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  2. stona

    stona Scale Model Member

    It looks good Tony.
    Are you going to knock this one together? It's always good to get an unbiased opinion of how it builds up.
  3. colin m

    colin m Scale Model Member

    Another nice example of new mould Airfix.
  4. Airfix Modeller Freak

    Airfix Modeller Freak Scale Model Member

    Quite detailed very nice.
  5. Alan 45

    Alan 45 Scale Model Member

    Very similar to the new tool spit mk1 I'm helping him at the moment to make it and I'm surprised at the detail of this kit, I just hope it goes together better than the old tool
  6. flyjoe180

    flyjoe180 Scale Model Member

    The new tool Airfix kits are beauties. Nice review Tony, I was looking at this kit a few days back.
  7. yak face

    yak face Staff Member Moderator

    I think it might float to the top of the stash sooner rather than later steve , it looks like it will be a fairly quick ,trouble free build so i can do it alongside some bigger projects , and Joe , if youre thinking about getting one ,go for it , its a quality piece of tooling for not much money, cheers tony
  8. Andy Mac

    Andy Mac Scale Model Member

    Wow, a bit of detail in the cockpit and weighted tyres too. Nice review.
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  9. Doug Hughes

    Doug Hughes Scale Model Member

    Thanks Tony - a really good informative post. It's not good for marital harmony though - I now feel obliged to go out and buy one, wife finds out, difficult time follows...
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