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Airfix 1/72nd Lancaster finished [pictures]

Discussion in 'Planes' started by ian lanc, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. ian lanc

    ian lanc Scale Model Member

    Just finished this today ! its the old airfix Lanc' with aftermarket decals on in the 'guise' of HW*R ''Phantom of the Rhur''










    Thanks for looking
  2. jspitza

    jspitza Jeff Scale Model Member

    Simply gorgeous, Ian. I love the camo and would like to ask what you do to achieve its even pattern throughout. I've read about cutting your own masks from enlarged photos taken from the painting diagrams and using paper moistened so they stick but have yet to try. Thanks again for sharing your art, Ian. Jeff
  3. ian lanc

    ian lanc Scale Model Member

    Hi Jeff,

    On small 1/72 stuff it's all hand painted ! i paint the entire upper surface dark earth [humbrol 29] then from looking at actual pictures of the bomber, [not the instruction sheet] i mark out with pencil where the dark green has got to go [humbrol 116] then i neatly paint the outline border where the green has got to go then just 'in fill' the gaps.

    I then mask off the area's where the coal black is to go [humbrol 85]

    I then apply a layer of Future/Klear to the whole of the model, then do the decaling.

    Then i apply one coat of clear matt.

    I always thin my paint down a little so it lays flatter to the surface and goes on better.

  4. Bunkerbarge

    Bunkerbarge Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Lovely finish on a very tidily put together kit and just the right amount of weathering. The old Airfix Lanc certainly takes me back a few years. I remember when it first came out and everyone thought what a huge model it was!!
  5. porsche

    porsche Guest

    Wow, it looks great. :emo1:
  6. Turdbaby

    Turdbaby Guest


    My Father made me one of these ohh 30 odd years ago, it's fantastic to see yours here. You have done an A1 job and thank you for sharing.

    Bet regards,

  7. Plastickitbasher

    Plastickitbasher David Scale Model Member

    Terrific job it looks fantastic
  8. What ratio of thinner to paint do you use?
  9. ian lanc

    ian lanc Scale Model Member

    This is a hard one ! i put one teaspoon of enamel thinner into the tinlet of paint and mix well ! thats all !! oh and ten years of brush painting things, honest !!

    thanks for the replies guys.

  10. oldHooker

    oldHooker Guest

    My goodness,

    That kit sure brings back the memories, and yours is the nicest one I've seen assembled! Beautiful work and really nive photography!

    Take care,
  11. I'd appreciate any tips you have on improving my brush painting technique - I cannot get rid of the brushmarks
  12. ian lanc

    ian lanc Scale Model Member

    When i'm applying matt i use a half inch very soft brush, the sort people use for painting pictures, if the bristles go into a point cut it off or buy one that is already feathered.

    I brush in one direction only and try not to over lap the paint.

    Work in a cool place, too warm and the paint would have started to skin.

    Use only good quality paint and make sure its not too thick you don't want it like treacle, more like the thickness of a 'milkshake'

    Oh ! make sure the paint which you are about to cover with matt is nice and flat, with no un-even brush strokes this will show through, use very fine ''wet n dry paper'' to flatten the paint.

    hope that helps a bit

  13. Company C

    Company C Guest

    Large scale Lancaster plans

    Hi there, sorry for the delay, I have hunted the net up and down looking for scale model plans for the Avro Lancaster, with no luck so far. I want to build a simple robust model in wood, approx 6ft wingspan, (undercarriage retracted), to be mounted on the top of a ten foot pole in my back garden ! I would like plans OR if anyone has something similar to sell, regardless of condition, I would like to know please. Best regards, Robbie.
  14. Lips McGee

    Lips McGee Guest

    Nice work.
  15. stona

    stona Scale Model Member

    Very nice. I don't suppose you know what causes the sort of chalky element in the exhaust stain. I've noticed it in several references and it's something I'm going to have to sort out whenever I get around to my big Tamiya Lanc. You've got it bang on, really nice,just wondering how you did it.
  16. Rifleman

    Rifleman Guest

    Dude that is awsome.. If you wanna sell it message me >.<
  17. Sky Raider

    Sky Raider Andy Scale Model Member

    Fantatsic job, well done, makes me want to build one at a bigger scale.

    Looks fantastic

  18. ian lanc

    ian lanc Scale Model Member

    Hi Steve, The sort chalky element you see in the exhaust stains are caused by the high level of lead they used to put in petrol years ago :smile11:.

    Thanks for the kind replies guys, been in Hospital for several weeks due to a bad back and the pain shut my brain down and i neally died ! I'm not kidding.

    If anyone wants to build a CHEAP BIG Lancaster there is a Polish model company that produces paper/card models and they make a 1/33rd Lancaster and is most impressive and CHEAP its only about £26, theres no painting too everything comes pre-marked and if you take your time the result looks amazing !!

    Makes the Tamiya 1/48th Lanc' look poo :nono:

    Heres mine, its got a wingspan of 37 inches and a fuselage length of 27 inches, get you tape measures out and then you'll realise how big it is.........

  19. James Q

    James Q Scale Model Member

    beatuifull looking lanc! the weathering is spot on, you havn't overdone it at all, well done!
  20. Nizmo

    Nizmo Guest

    You have done a fantasic job. I have just started my very first model of a lancaster. I only hope i get it looking half as good as yours.

    Im building one as my Granfather was a navigator in the Lancaster. He was involved in the Dambusters. With the famous bouncing bomb. Its the tenth year anniversary of him passing away and the family are all meeting. Im sure most will be bringing flowers ect for his headstone. I thought i would be differnt and build a model of the Lancaster to put at his grave.

    Well thats enough of my story. Hope you didnt mind me sharing it will you.

    Another well done for a great model you have built.

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