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Cleaning before painting

Discussion in 'Airbrush' started by Stevekir, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. Stevekir

    Stevekir Returning Beginner Scale Model Member

    My 1/72 Lancaster fuselage now has 38 masks excluding canopies and gun turrets (but including 30 side windows!) During sanding and masking it has been well-handled with greasy hand prints all over it which could make it difficult for the primer to stick. I can't wash it with soapy water because of the masks, so what would the best way to clean it?

    Perhaps using a cotton bud and that alcohol that chemists sell ("Rubbing Alcohol"?); that unused bottle of vodka in the cupboard?; meths? (Soapy water might be difficult to wipe off which is why a non eating plastic solvent might be better.)

    What do you think?
  2. BarryW

    BarryW Scale Model Member

    I would use the alcohol Steve. As you said, carefully with cotton bud around the masked areas and elsewhere on a lint free cloth.
  3. Stevekir

    Stevekir Returning Beginner Scale Model Member

    Yes, I thought that would be the answer. However, all three chemists in my town no longer stock it. If I wanted some, I would need to get a certificate from somewhere like the Council or elsewhere. Even if I were allowed to have it, a chemist would have to buy a large quantity which they would not be able to sell to others so it would be very expensive to have to buy all that quantity. Health and Safety or Brussels, I reckon.

    However, I have found two substances that might do:

    "WD40 Specialist Contact Cleaner". Their technical department, which seemed to know what they were talking about, said that it would definitely not leave any deposit after use, which of course is important for paint adhesion.

    "WBS400 Bright Spark" contact cleaner by Carplan/Tetrosyl, which their chemist said does not leave a deposit. It is stocked by my local car accessory place, at £4.19

    I will try the WBS400 and experiment. If it seems to work (or not) I will report.
  4. Ian M

    Ian M GB+SIG Mod. Staff Member Admin

    You can by rubbing alcohol over the counter in most chemists. Rubbing alcohol is a very common used thing.
    I have done a quick Google and see that it can be gotten in ASDA! have a look in the personal care sections in the super markets.
    I think that the person you spoke with had no idea!!

    Ian M
  5. stona

    stona Scale Model Member

    You can buy Isopropyl alcohol from Maplins. I use it for cleaning plastic all the time and it is definitely what I would use in your example.
  6. phalinmegob

    phalinmegob compulsive kit buyer Scale Model Member

    far cheaper to buy it buy the litre off e-bay
  7. tecdes

    tecdes Guest

    Steve I also use decorators wipes from B & Q. Harmless, so far, they do the job. Also if you make a mess of spraying, curtains & tear drops, use them to wipe off all (acrylic) paint for a fresh start.

    Also after using what ever you use to clean use a tac rag. Spray booth operatives use tham before spraying. Slightly tacky (tacky will not affect your finish) they will pick up all stray pieces of lint & all the dust & bits before you airbrush. B & Q do them but a better rate with your paint for cars specialist will do better.

  8. BarryW

    BarryW Scale Model Member

    I got a 10 ltr drum from Amazon. Really cheap in that quantity, I siphon it into an empty 2 ltr Highland Spring water bottle which I then use to fill a old Vallejo 200ml bottle for use. It is difficult otherwise to handle the big drum of the stuff!!!

    Amazon.co.uk: isopropyl alcohol
    £29 for 10 ltrs, £22 for 5 ltrs .... £10 for 1 ltr..... speaks for itself
  9. Stevekir

    Stevekir Returning Beginner Scale Model Member

    Well, I was sold a story by three pharmacists! I have just ordered from Amazon 500ml "IPA Isopropyl Alcohol 99% pure ISOPROPANOL"for £6 including postage. It will last me for ages. I will get a tack rag from my local car supplies shop.

    Thanks folks.

    PS. Barry: what on earth do you use 10 litres of the stuff for?!
  10. BarryW

    BarryW Scale Model Member

    LOL - 1:32 builds Steve....

    Its surprising how much I get through, cleaning models and it is great for a strip-down airbrush clean. Cleaning paint off my hands too.......

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