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enamel drying time.

Discussion in 'Quick Tips' started by rjwood_uk, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. rjwood_uk

    rjwood_uk Guest

    how long should i wait for revell enamels to dry. i have done the final wet coat. how long will this take to fully cure and be safe to handel or maybe even sand, re-paint?

    (sorry never used them before!!!)
  2. alan2525

    alan2525 Guest

    I used some gloss Revel enamels on a piece of styrene, they were touch dry after about 24 hours! Matt paints dry reasonably quickly touch dry after 6 hours - and dry after 24 but allow a couple of days for gloss paints prior to any sanding.
  3. rjwood_uk

    rjwood_uk Guest

    thanks alan. these are matt so i will leave it over the weekend to be safe. i have put it inside so the cold outside dosnt prolong the process at all!

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