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Free B 58 Hustler Cardmodel

Discussion in 'Card Models' started by GEEDUBBYA, Jan 8, 2007.


    GEEDUBBYA Scale Model Member

    Howdy Guys,

    Ok, one of my all time favorite aircraft was the B 58 Hustler. Designed as a supersonic nuclear delivery platform, it never saw action in this role (thank goodness).
    Anyway, one of my favorite cardmodel sites used to offer a free card model of it, but removed the model from the site about a year ago.
    However, in my vast searches thru google, I have once again found the free model download in .pdf format.
    So, without further delay, here is the link to the translated version of the webpage offering the free model, which includes some amazing photos of the completed model, a link to download the model and, a photographic account of "how to build" the model.


    Below are photos from the site (both completed pics and a few from the instructions page):



    Below is from the "how to" page:

    How B-58 to assemble
    Construction of aluminum foil
     When the part is quarried out, the part which becomes the muscle carving (the line of gray) with the ball-point pen you trace in strengthening.
     Also the marking which is pasted from after attaches the marker.​
     When it rubs with the ruler, the line of the muscle carving floats.​
     It increases the aluminum foil with with the ruler.
    When the paper is put between, it seems that the damage is difficult to be done to the aluminum
     Both sides doing alternately, when the wrinkle is gone, completion.​
    Tracing with the needle, the completion ~!​
    With the paste the chart of the part is pasted in the aluminum foil.​
    The needle which was remodelled a little​

    How to assemble
    The nose is made.​
    The fin and rudder is attached.​

    Body (on) with chart of main wing​

    (The rest of the instructions are found by looking at the bottom of the above link).

    [​IMG][​IMG]So, there you have it. all you have to do is go to the above link and then click on the download link to download the parts pages. Print them onto a heavy guage paper such as photo paper (although I am sure someone here could probably convert the parts to another medium like balsa or even thin sheet metal if they tried).
    The aliminum foil discussed in the instructions and on the main page is not required, but you have to agree, it does make the model look nice.

    Have a good day,

  2. Very Nice Looking Model there Greg,

    Another plane I have always liked. An alternative for the Aluminium foil could be Chrome SolarTrim. This has the advantage that it is self adhesive and can be heated with the usual heat shrink irons to really flatten out where required.

  3. Bunkerbarge

    Bunkerbarge Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Lovely job Greg. You need a shot of it in the yard though, taxiing along the drive!

    GEEDUBBYA Scale Model Member

    Howdy Mark, Bunker et al,

    I think the solar trim material might actually be something to look at on card models...I could see it actually working.
    Bunker, as for the above photos, thats not "my" model, those are photos from the website which offers the free model. I just thought that I would include the photos from there because sometimes just saying "Free" isnt enough to get ppl to look.......But a picture truly is worth a thousand words.

    Have a good day,

  5. Johnny

    Johnny Guest

    Interesting! The foil procedure can be used for a lot of stuff!
    I'm going to try to use it on some hydraulic cylinders on the Beaufighter I'm building.

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