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JMC Mining Ship the "Red Dwarf"

Discussion in 'Sci-fi Under Constuction' started by CDW, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. CDW

    CDW Scale Model Member

    To parody a line from the series

    "Who would make a gigantic red trash can with no brakes and three million years on the clock?"

    Answer... me !!! :)

    So here we have the start, its around 1:10,000 (ish) the size and shape will be predominantly the ship built for series 10, with maybe a few little changes from bits i like from the other versions from earlier series.

    Started with cutting two circles from melamine furniture board and made the shell up from an old picture frame hardboard backing and an old memo board... filled gaps with bathroom sealant
    There was a bit of the old Pythagoras and 2-π-r going on for a while but i'm sure i'll be ok in a few days :):)

    anyway here's the base from which i might smeg it up completely :)

    20130809_173348.jpg 20130809_173400.jpg 20130809_173415.jpg 20130809_173601.jpg

    Stoke me a clipper, i'll be back for Christmas!!
  2. beowulf

    beowulf Cat Slave Scale Model Member

    *pulls up chair and popcorn* [​IMG]

    this should be good
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2013
  3. delmonteman

    delmonteman Scale Model Member

    Better dead than smeg! I'm in for this one.
  4. papa 695

    papa 695 Scale Model Member

    Watching all the way
  5. spanner570

    spanner570 SALAD DODGER Scale Model Member

    I've just hired the Royal Box......B***dy expensive, but I get as much popcorn as I want....for free!
  6. noble

    noble scott Scale Model Member

    keepin an eye on this.
  7. Pink Panther

    Pink Panther Large Scale Modeler Scale Model Member

    The curiosity is killing me... :)
  8. yak face

    yak face Staff Member Moderator

    I might try and sneak in the royal box when rons not looking, i want to get the best view of this one! Looking great already colin , cheers tony
  9. Andy2035

    Andy2035 Scale Model Member

    I'm already in there Tony, just hope Mr Ron doesn't find me...[​IMG]
  10. peterairfix

    peterairfix I do the best i can Scale Model Member

    And i will be doing the waldorf and stadler from the other side. to quote
    WALDORF" why do we always come here "
    statler "i guess we'll never know"
    WALDORF "It's like a kind of torture to have to watch this show"
    looks like it might turn out all right
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2013
  11. CDW

    CDW Scale Model Member

    Seems like the house is filling up, i can see Rons royal box being invaded cos of the free popcorn :):):)

    Thanks for all the comments so far ... hope i don't disappoint.

    Got the front gaps filled in ready for detailing

    Found a cheapo dog bowl that will do as the rearmost end of the ship, the inner thruster housing is made from a gas lighter refill top. (there's not many pictures of the rear of the ship so i'll put a bit of creativity into it). There's some more parts to be added to the rear assembly yet but i haven't managed to sus anything that will do it yet.

    Started the detailing
    If anyone's not seen/read Red Dwarf ... the ship suffered an asteroid strike that embedded itself into the lower front part of starboard, it was deemed too expensive or too difficult (whichever reference you take) to remove it so they left it stuck in the side. Tried to replicate it by cutting a hole and filling it with polystyrene and filler, doesn't look too bad at the mo but i may build it up a bit.
    There'll be more pipework etc that will be bent inwards under the asteroid to add to the realism of it being smashed in.
    20130810_234321.jpg 20130810_234331.jpg

    Gave it a coat of Halfords red oxide primer, will over coat this with bright red and then tone it down with washes and a bit more primer when all the detailing is done.
  12. papa 695

    papa 695 Scale Model Member

    Nice work so far Colin ( and I hope Ron doesn't throw popcorn this time ) as I'm stuck in the cheap seats but still a great view
  13. spanner570

    spanner570 SALAD DODGER Scale Model Member

    Taking shape very nicely Colin....Glad to read you didn't try and steal the bowl from that great big mutt of yours....Fat chance!

    Just an aside here....There seem to be more people in my 'private box' than are crammed into one by illegal immigrants at Dover docks!!!!

  14. Boldman

    Boldman Scale Model Member

    Hmmm very interesting... box be dammed, I'm on the cherry picker overlooking everything...
  15. Andy2035

    Andy2035 Scale Model Member

    Hi Colin,

    I got trampled on too much in the box, so moved out to the 'cheap seats' with Ian...

    This is looking great Sir, I do like the asteroid touch, it's surprising just how many seem to forget the 'roid' and just build shiny undamaged ships, don't get me wrong, they still look fantastic, maybe they could be the before versions...

    Well, I now have a huge bucket of chicken and am ready for the next instalment...[​IMG]

  16. Sky Raider

    Sky Raider Andy Scale Model Member

    Well I have arrived Colin and my pre booked box is empty. I have it all to myself and the view is better than Ron's because this is the lighting box. And as its the lighting box I get free everything so ill sit here stuffing myself with ice cream and popcorn and hotdogs and drinking Kiora until it comes out of my ears and I will sit and watch this build with great interest.

  17. mossiepilot

    mossiepilot A learner learning Scale Model Member

    Couldn't got in the box, so I brought a stool, some poppets and a Ki-ora, sorted and settled.

    Coming along really nicely Colin, must admit, I don't recall the asteroid incident, I'll youtube it.

    Looking forward to seeing more.

  18. tecdes

    tecdes Guest

    Any of your prefered tooth brushes on this one Colin !!!!????

  19. mobear

    mobear Scale Model Member

    me thinks colin has overdosed on `Red dwarf`and needs to get it off his chest lol
    ps u smeg head lol
  20. CDW

    CDW Scale Model Member

    Well i'm a little humbled there's so many people watching this....no pressure then eh :)

    thanks for the comments so far
    @ Tony ... the asteroid is mentioned in a couple of episodes and a lot more detail in the first book (infinity welcomes careful drivers)
    @ Laurie ... no toothbrushes here but a few other make-shift items being used ..:)
    @ Ole ... You can't have too much of the Dwarf mate ... don't be such a gimboid :):):)

    So then .. started laying down the detail again, using kiddies foam sheets as theyre thin and flexible, easy to cut and cost a tenth of balsa of the same thickness, for thinner panneling i'll be using plain old card.

    Got the bottom done, thats all im doing to it as it'll not be seen in full, there's limited (if any) pictures on the web showing this in any detail so i'll leave it a this.
    20130812_101200.jpg 20130812_101316.jpg

    Got the rear thruster rings sorted, its an old wooden embroidery hoop that ive disassembled then drilled and threaded wire for strength, i fitted plastic pipe over the wire for the look i want.
    20130812_101242.jpg 20130812_151911.jpg 20130812_151923.jpg

    couple of picture to show the progress of the panelling
    20130812_101218.jpg 20130812_151953.jpg

    Then a quick spray over to make sure i haven't gone over the top and it all looks right
    20130812_152745.jpg 20130812_152756.jpg 20130812_152808.jpg 20130812_152826.jpg

    A few very small detailing bits to add to this panel then i'll start working on the recesses between the two side panels, there's a lot of detail to go in them.

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