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p38 lightning turbocharger pics ?

Discussion in 'General Aircraft Chat' started by Tom Morfy, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. Tom Morfy

    Tom Morfy Scale Model Member

    I am building a 1/48th scale P38 Lightning. I want to detail the turbos but have no real good photos that I could use as a guidline. I know that the exhaust pipes and turbochargers would be quite distressed from the heat they encounter but I really would like to find a good reference to use. Can anyone help me out?


  2. N4521U

    N4521U Guest

    Give a try, "google imagages". Then the images you would like to call up. You will be surprised what you can call up. Try P-38 supercharger, you may come up with that picture you want. I have even come across a corsair walkaround! good luck. Cheers, Bill
  3. mdl2990

    mdl2990 Guest


    tom, first question what model of P-38 are you building. The best pics you could find is the 2 detail and scale books on the P- 38. The first vol. runs from the XP-38 to the P-38, Vol II P-38J -P38M. Both are great books
  4. stona

    stona Scale Model Member

    Have a look at these (restored) aircraft.




    This is a turbosupercharger system driven by exhaust gas so it would be hot. Note how far down the boom the staining goes on the NMF aircraft.

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