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Polar bears winter hibernation

Discussion in 'Diorama Chat' started by m1ks, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. m1ks

    m1ks Scale Model Member

    My little boy has been doing a study of different bears and habits at school and part of his homework this week, (homework at 5 years old I ask you!), he had to build / draw / make a bears cave.
    He decided he wanted to do the polar bear, of course the downside to a polar bear is the inside of a polar bears cave is going to be a bit, well, stark and white!
    So my missis hit upon the brilliant idea of a polar bears hibernation cave.
    I whipped up a quick polar bear for him with Fimo, (I know, you'll all be wanting me to make you stunningly realistic animals for your dio's once you've seen this but i'm afraid I just don't have the time, sorry)
    We wanted to keep it as realistic as possible so we ditched the idea of the satellite dish and sky box, then the TV looked a bit bare so that went and we just stuck with the fireplace, log pile and xmas tree.

    So here it is and a deservedly proud little dio modeller.

  2. Fenlander

    Fenlander Scale Model Member

    No matter what you do in this world, if you get a smile like that for doing something, you are a rich man.
  3. Sky Raider

    Sky Raider Andy Scale Model Member

    Yeh, made him very proud, dont think you'd get a job at the wax workx though, not even the house of horors lol

  4. m1ks

    m1ks Scale Model Member

    Ooh, harsh words, i'm hurt :)
    You think I should bin my application to madame tussauds then?:lol
  5. Sky Raider

    Sky Raider Andy Scale Model Member

    lol, you might do well at road kill. haha

  6. m1ks

    m1ks Scale Model Member

    Now that's not a bad idea, I wonder if theres a market for it? :)
  7. Ian M

    Ian M GB+SIG Mod. Staff Member Admin

    thats one happy chappy you got there!
    I'm not sure about your jumper though m1ks :laughing:
  8. Sky Raider

    Sky Raider Andy Scale Model Member

    :lol didnt want to mention that, thought it would be a little too personal.
  9. Bunkerbarge

    Bunkerbarge Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    When I was not much older I had a challenge at school to make a hat. My Dad and myself built a lighthouse on a rocky base. I had to go to bed so he finished it for me that evening. There were two wires that hung down from the side that I had to twist together and the torch bulb in the top lit up. Brilliant, you really can't eat modelling with children. My hat was over fourty years ago but I remember it to this day. You lad will probably do the same!!

    By the way won't the fire melt the snow?
  10. m1ks

    m1ks Scale Model Member

    Always a critic isn't there
    :nonono: LOL.
    I'm not sure how that would work, but it works in the mind of a 5 yr old so i'm not arguing.
    Next time I see an eskimo i'll ask how they go about it :)

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