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Raised panel lines, help please

Discussion in 'Chit-Chat' started by treyzx10r, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. treyzx10r

    treyzx10r treyzx10r Scale Model Member

    I've got some older kits with raised panel lines, namely a Revell Stuka,Esci Hs129 and a Italeri Lysander. How do most of you deal with this? I really do'nt relish the thoughts of sanding off and rescribing these ,any thoughts?
  2. m1ks

    m1ks Scale Model Member

    I just carry on and prep and paint saying stuff the raised panel lines and critics :)
    If they bother you however sanding and re-scribing is the only option, short of painstakingly re-creating the moulds and re-casting or a complete scratch build
  3. treyzx10r

    treyzx10r treyzx10r Scale Model Member

    I like your style Mike ,stuff the panel lines I'll just soldier on then! Thanks!
  4. colin m

    colin m Scale Model Member

    I read somewhere about this method. Firstly, leave the panel lines alone. When your ready to paint, pre-shade the panel lines as normal, then apply the top coat / coats as normal. When it's all nice and dry, you can (I haven't done this) very gently sand over the top of the panel lines which will bring the preshade to the surface.

    However, an even easier method for me I used on my Vulcan (loads of raised lines everywhere) was just to apply the wash as normal. If the excess is removed carefuly, some will remain on the model. Some.....hmmmm !!

    Colin M........
  5. Dave W

    Dave W Scale Model Member

    Ive rescribed a 1/48 skyraider and Hawker Typhoon recently.what i do is scribe alongside the existing raised line using a Tamiya scribing tool and a suitable straight edge.Then i sand off the raised detail.The kits you have listed are not that big.So it wont be a lot of work.Dont know how accurate it is but i think it looks better than a lot of raised lines.
  6. Bunkerbarge

    Bunkerbarge Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Bearing in mind many years ago there were no recessed panel lines on models it depends on what you are happy with. I have applied washes to raised lines in the past and carefully wiped it away leaving only a shadow at the line which doesn't look too bad. If the idea of rescribing really puts you off then make the best of what you have with paint finishes. Certainly a gentle rub over the top will help them to look a bit less harsh.
  7. stona

    stona Scale Model Member

    I do a combination of all the above. I have rescribed using Dave W's method but if you don't fancy it you can still achieve a good looking model with raised lines. Remember that neither accurately represent the surface of a real aircraft anyway! Infact raised lines make a better job of overlapped skins (like on a Spitfire fuselage for example) than the much vaunted recessed ones do. It's a matter of modelling fashion,like Bunkerbarge I remember when there was no such thing as a recessed panel line and it didn't bother me then LOL.
    I usually tone down the raised detail by sanding before any painting, simply because it is usually a bit over the top from these old molds. Once painted you can run a pin wash along the side of the raised line in the same way as you would run it in a recessed line.
  8. Caledonia

    Caledonia Scale Model Member

    Hi Trey, The magazine 'FineScale Modeler' current edition April 2011; Vol.29 - Issue 4 deals with how to handle older kits including raised panel lines. Cheers Derek

  9. treyzx10r

    treyzx10r treyzx10r Scale Model Member

    Thanks for all the great input everyone. I've not the stomach for a large rescribe so the other methods seem more suitable to me, great info and thanks for the link Derek going to delve into it tonight. I too remember the day of no recessed lines but had not done any new kits other than bikes . Thanks to the inspiration from you fine modellers on this site I've gotten back into the aircraft side and just was'nt sure how big of a deal the panel line issue could be.Thanks again this is a great forum!
  10. Dave W

    Dave W Scale Model Member

    Ive got the Italeri 1/48 Lysander in my stash as well.Just had a look at it.This one wont needed any scribing,just a scratch built interior!.Anyone know of an after market detail set for this one?.

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