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RC Model Clubs In Walsall/Wolverhampton

Discussion in 'General Automobile Chat' started by greg, Feb 17, 2006.

  1. greg

    greg Guest

    Hello eveyone,
    I was wandering whether any of you people could help me knowing of a rc model club in walsall wolverhamton (west-mids) area.Also this may sound totally stupid but i know you guys will be able to help what kind of things go on at the meetings at the clubs.
  2. dynamite25

    dynamite25 Mad Modeller at large Scale Model Member

    Hi greg have a look on here there is a complete list of all the clubs in the UK http://www.brca.org/
  3. adzam

    adzam Experimenter Scale Model Member

    hi greg,
    dynamites link is the best one to start with

    as too what go`s on at a meeting ?

    well, after ritual dancing and sacrifice ...........

    greg, the meetings consist of organised, but VERY helpful people who will keep you informed of what to do and when to do it, the meeting will compoise of so many heats and race`s. so really a chance to race, and speak to people interested in the same thing.
    As usual there will be some trpidation on your part , but rest assured, there will be lots of help and friendly people to help.
    just dont be scared to ask for info or help on what to do .

  4. greg

    greg Guest

    thnx for the help dynamite and adz

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