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Revell 1/48 P-61 Black Widow

Discussion in 'Completed Aeroplanes' started by Maglar, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. Maglar

    Maglar Guest

    Here she is, what a build it was! Too much time spent on filling in the seams on about every part of the plane, esp. the booms. But, it really builds into a nice model. I went straight on with the weathering for a real beat up bird!

    Enjoy -

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  2. dubster72

    dubster72 Scale Model Member

    You've done a lovely job there Maglar, that looks a really nice build, even though I do tanks & not aircraft. But I remember the old Monogram kit fro the 70's, of which this is a re-release I think & that might account for the poor fit issues. But isn't it always more satisfying to produce such a good result from a kit with problems! Well done again. Patrick
  3. yak face

    yak face Staff Member Moderator

    nice job maglar! As patrick rightly says this is the old monogram kit reissued by revell , as a kid i always liked the look of this beast ,maybe one day ill get round to building one. I know what you mean about the fit,some monogram kits were really detailed for their time but didnt always slot together like ,say ,a tamiya kit,but then again. to quote patrick again , thats all the more satisfying when you get a great result like this. well done ,cant wait to see whats coming next. cheers tony:welldone:
  4. Bojo

    Bojo Guest

    Great job. The weathering is well done. Love the affect of the paint chips.
  5. Maglar

    Maglar Guest

    Thanks all! Don't think I went crazy with the blade for chipping, I had my references.. :). And yes, nothing better then building a difficult kit and making it look great. Some manufacturers hand people a beautiful model with the perfect fits and photo etch and such, but, it's really rewarding building one of these.
  6. Richy C

    Richy C Scale Model Member

    That looks great , I love this military stuff ie- tanks , armour , aircraft etc and the way they can be weathered and aged , it brings the model to life.

    nice one
  7. Spring12

    Spring12 Started Posting

    Returning modeller

    Very nice job, sir! I'm returning to plastic scale aircraft modelling after 40 years. I just bought this kit (Revell P-61 Widow Maker 1/48) at the Reno Air Races! I have started assembling a small stash of kits and I'm going to build scratchbuilding skills to make them shine. The bug has got me again and I think I may have AMS too. Cheers!
  8. Dave W

    Dave W Scale Model Member

    Great build Maglar.I like the exhaust staining.
  9. andyrobs

    andyrobs Worlds slowest modeller!!!! Scale Model Member

    Great Build Maglar, I know exactly all the problems with this kit, I've got it 70% complete but haven't touched for ages, all the bad fit and filling put me off, but I think I'm gonna have to get it finished!!!!!

    Cheers, Andrew
  10. BarryW

    BarryW Scale Model Member

    Excellent build, well done. I built this many years ago and fancy a try at the Great Wall kit of this aircraft and may do so as a break from 32 scale....
  11. Dave W

    Dave W Scale Model Member

    Just noticed this was posted nearly 3 years ago!.Looks like a few of us missed that.
  12. treyzx10r

    treyzx10r treyzx10r Scale Model Member

    Yea I way missed it,still a great looking Widow!
  13. mossiepilot

    mossiepilot A learner learning Scale Model Member

    Hi and welcome to the forum Spring12, who seems to be the person who has brought this thread back to the surface.

    Hope you you'll show us some of your builds and did you get any photos at the air races that you would like to share.


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