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Sd.Kfz. 251/1 Ausf.c Half track interior colour

Discussion in 'General Military Vehicle Chat' started by phill burrows, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. phill burrows

    phill burrows Scale Model Member


    I am just starting out on a Tamiya Sd.Kfz. 251/1 Ausf.c.

    I have never made anything other than aircraft before now, but wanted a new challenge.

    Can anyone suggest a colour for the interior of the half track? I am going to go for the German Grey colour scheme, but am unsure if this would have been used inside also. I can't find much reference material.

    Also, when building this, would you fit the whole thing together before spraying inside, or spray in the internal parts before gluing together?

    many thanks

  2. rjwood_uk

    rjwood_uk Guest

    generally you would paint the interior first as well as all the small external parts. put it all togeather. mask off the bits you dont want the outsite colour to go on (tracks/wheels/interior...etc) paint it, let it dry. stick all the final little bits on and hey presto.
  3. alan2525

    alan2525 Guest

    Here's a very thorough account of the colours used for the interiors of German Panzers:


    There's an example at Bovington Tank Museum, the interior is actually Painted Ivory, Pale Beige - apparently RAL 1001 with Grey green floor (very similar to outside grey of vehicle) The stowage containers are all grey as per the outside and any equipment parts are semi gloss black. Appologies fot the quality of the pic but I was poking my camera against the view slit in the rear door - I just knew someone on this forum would want to know what it looked like inside!


    Here's a link to some images of the outside of the same vehicle:


    I would have thought that the Sdkfz 251 being open topped would have been painted the same colour inside as the exterior of the vehicle. It'd be nice if you could try to keep more of a factory look to the inside of the hull, just weathering the flooring and the outsides of the vehicle.
  4. phill burrows

    phill burrows Scale Model Member

    Hi Alan

    this is great, thanks.

    I went to Bovington last summer with the kids, but didn't take many pictures. I must remember to do that next time. I love the museum though, a great day out!

    I will study the pics and take your advice, I was planning the floor tonight. Just some nice simple wear and tear needed i think, nothing too drastic.

  5. phill burrows

    phill burrows Scale Model Member


    another question relating to how to weather effects on a model like this...

    If the outer is sprayed in German Panzer Grey, should I use a lighter shade in the centres of the panels to look like paint fade? Or should I be looking at some Mig Pigment?

    I will experiment and post some pictures when it is ready


  6. rjwood_uk

    rjwood_uk Guest

    instead of using a lighter tone it would be easier to use the same tone and then dry brush or use pastels/pigments to give the worn effect with a lighter shade
  7. phill burrows

    phill burrows Scale Model Member

    thanks for your reply.

    Do you think that using something like talc or crushed chalk pastel is ok to create the effect?

    What would you then add as a final layer? A Matt varnish or something?
  8. rjwood_uk

    rjwood_uk Guest

    get down to your local art/craft/hobby store and get some artists pastels (make sure their not oil) you can hundreds of shades or you can get your basic earth tone or primary colours and mix them up.

    to use them, rubb them down on some sandpaper making sure you have something under it to collect all the pigments. you can mix this as if it were pain to get the right tone.

    you could use a matt varnish but if your going to be using pastels it would have to be a spray.

    for the best results you might want to try giving your model a matt varnish first, then adding the weathering. then spraying with hair spray. hair spray seals in all the pastels but does not change the colour of them like a lot of spray cotes can.

    hope this makes sence and helps.
  9. phill burrows

    phill burrows Scale Model Member

    well here is my work so far.

    Not quite in the league as some of you guys, but this is my first ever attempt with an airbrush and my first attempt at creating any worn/weathering effects.

    Your advice/comments would be helpful[​IMG]

    not all of the wheel axels are turning freely so I am thinking about taking it apart and re-doing it. Thoughts?

    Attached Files:

  10. rjwood_uk

    rjwood_uk Guest

    nooo dont rip it apart.

    to be honest are you going to be playing with it and pushing it along the carpet?

    i have always stuck to the option not allowing anything to move that is designed to move in a kit. tamiya are renowed for it, wheels, stabalisers, rotor blades....etc. if it can move...it can break. glue them in a fixed position that your happy with!

    just my two cence.

    jooking good by the way. nice even layer of paint, no over spray. nice job
  11. Hogbopper

    Hogbopper Guest

    Hi Phill
    I would go with rjwoods advice in the not pushing it about or playing with it the only part on mine that moves it the front steering so i can turn them to fit a diorama but the wheels them self they do not turn no need for it after all its a model to look at and be proud of.
    As for your halftrack it looks great if you need any help just let me know only too pleased to help out.


    http://www.scale-models.co.uk/showthread.php?p=34134 more pics over here......
  12. sorry for this late advice, but after 1943? i think the germans stopped painting the interior white due to aircrafts spotting them, i think they changed the interior either to black or gray...
  13. phill burrows

    phill burrows Scale Model Member

    Hi guys

    sorry about the delay. I have nearly completed my half track now and I am very pleased with it. I will post some more pics during the next couple of days.

    I am now learning about weathering techniques, but the next advice that I need is about dioramas. I would love to put this into a realistic setting. I like the idea of a ruined buidling street scene.

    However I have never done this before and want to know the best way to make a first attempt. I have looked at the mini art buildings and think these look good and they also contain the base/road.

    What are your thoughts on using these? Are they a good first place to start?

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