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Ian M

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Dec 14, 2008
Falster, Denmark
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I have an issue regarding the lack of things British in the model kit manufactures listings. OK things are looking up. Mirror Models are doing a great job filling lots of holes in the truck department. And I have started to write them regarding others they may wish to take on.
A thing that amazes me is that we often get the truck but not the ordinance it was the prime mover for, or we get the ordinance and nothing to pull it with. I am talking 1/35 scale. Plastic and affordable.
We have the 40mm Bofors that was widely used throughout WWII. but only the Bedford truck that was used at the end of the war and only in Europe... What about the Morris CDWS that was the main heavy hauler for the bofors or the 4x2 Morris cs8 15 cwt? You can get a resin one of both, but at insane prices. (€150 for a 1/35 scale truck....seriously?)
We have the Scammell in various forms, and even from two companies, We have the early and late Matador trucks, where are the 3.7 heavy AA gun, the 4.5 and 5.5 guns and the 7.2 inch howitzer.
Why are there so few RAF support vehicles in 1/48? Pretty much the go to scale for many aircraft modellers but where are the bomb suppliers, the fuel trucks, fire trucks cranes, all that go to make a great diorama in a scale that can be handled in a sensible amount of space.
I can only hope that others that also have this affliction, start e-mailing the manufactures and suggesting thing that they feel are really missing from our hobby.
Either that or we can all clap our hands with joy (ironically) at yet another Tiger/Panther/Spitfire/Messers smidt und Fokker.