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Prototypes worth modelling-The Ryan N-Y-P 'Spirit of St Louis'

Discussion in 'General Aircraft Chat' started by wonwinglo, Dec 17, 2005.

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    If there is one aeroplane that has made such a substantial contribution to aviation,it must be the Ryan N-Y-P ( New York to Paris ) airplane,stories abound of how Charles Lindbergh carefully planned his flight across the Atlantic single handed,without any doubt despite the obvios risks it was Lindberghs skill and past experience that stood him so well to complete this remarkable flight.


    Ryan NYP "Spirit of St. Louis"
    San Diego, CA, 1928
    Early in 1927, 25-year old air mail pilot, Charles A.Lindbergh obtained the financial backing of businessmen from St.Louis in order to compete for the prize for the first nonstop flight between New York and Paris. He placed an order with Ryan for an aircraft with specifications necessary for the flight. The aircraft required a large fuel tank between engine and pilot which eliminated all forward visibility. On the rainy morning of May 20, 1927, Lindbergh took off, from Roosevelt Field, heading for Paris. After flying 3610 miles in 33 hours 30 minutes, he landed at LeBourget Airport, where he was greeted by a wildly enthusiastic crowd. Lindbergh and his heroic flight revolutionized and popularized aviation as nothing else before or since, and it clearly showed the future potential of the airplane.The aircraft built for the classic film 'Spirit of St Louis' were built by Paul Mantz from Ryan Brougham airframes suitably modified, these aircraft were built in 1928 by Ryan as a "Broughams", along identical lines as the "Spirit of St.Louis", in an attempt to sell the aircraft commercially. It is one of two surviving original "sister ships" of the "Spirit of St.Louis". This aircraft was also used in the 1955 movie "The Spirit of St.Louis" and was once flown by Lindbergh.

    As a model subject this one knows no bounds,whether it is a simple flying model as shown here from my own collection,or a huge quarter scale subject,the challenge is all there,just to make a replica of the Ryan N-Y-P is a challenge in itself,with careful trimming and a decent looking Whirlwind engine you cannot go wrong.

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