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Robbie U47 RC system relay

Discussion in 'Submarines Under Construction' started by matthenat, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. matthenat

    matthenat Guest

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    Anyone help a 74. yr old on his first sub Its a Robbie U47 and I have completed the build bar the painting. My problem is I am no electronics man and have fitted all the components as instructed servos and motors all run ok via the transmitter etc. However what I dont understand is the fitting of the relay which was sent with the kit and although I have changed the wires of the speed controller and the relay as per the instructions on connecting the relay to the Futaba reciever everythink goes off and nothing works ! One thing that confuses me is that the instructions with the relay says will not work if connected direct to the reciever so where does the damn thing go ?? All runs ok without it connected but why is it advised to purchase this relay with the kit and the wiring instructions /diagram show it thus fited ?I am hoping to enclose a picture of the wiring note the relay wire is not connected . Appreciate any help or suggestions :thinking:

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  2. subzero

    subzero Scale Model Member

    Mar 28, 2007
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    From what I understand the relay is the on / off switch....which provides power to the whole system you have to switch it on + off manually from outside the sub via a link wire attached to the rear bollard on the stern casing.

    Hope this helps.
    Regards sub.
  3. matthenat

    matthenat Guest

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    Thanks for that but according to the Robbe wiring diagram and as I have fitted the switch attached to the rear bollard is to manually turn off the seperate battery for the reciever only
    If I change it to work the relay in some way the reciever will remain powered as it will then have to be directly connected to its battery . As I said it all works as it is with the relay connection wire disconected so I am finding it very misleading .I have contacted Robbie in Uk and not recieved a reply from them in two weeks !!
    But must be very honest has me duped
  4. matthenat

    matthenat Guest

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    I have since conected the relay to the bollard switch and the link to the reciever This now switches the motor batteries on and off but stiil leaves the reciever and servos live when transmitter is switched on
  5. matthenat

    matthenat Guest

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    Well after trying every combination I have at last got it sorted Now both the prop motors and reciever/servo battery turn on and off via the one bollard switch.
    Simple when you know how !!!!!!!!!!!!!!:emo1:

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