Was 1H+FN an Heinkel He111P or an He 111H-3 & Other Questions

Dec 24, 2012
Hi fellow air history devotees - I very much need your help. I am modeling an Heinkel He 111H-3 and would like to use my decal collection to model 1H+FN (WNr. 3935) during September 11, 1940. I have read on a/c history / model sites that the subject was an H-3 and was damaged on that date during an attack on London but returned to base in Gilze-Rijen. Nonetheless, the book of a/c illustrations, "Luftwaffe: Bomber Camouflage and Markings 1940 - Heinkel He.111, Junkers Ju.88, Dornier Do.17" compiled by Peter G. Cooksley and Richard Ward, text by Christopher F. Shores, shows the 1H+FN during that Sept. 11 time to be an He 111P and not an H-3.

Questions: (1) was 1H+FN an He111P or an He 111H-3, (2) can you provide a reference showing it to be an H-3, and, someone said the verification is through the “EoE Luft Loss DB” but can’t find it, so (3) please name in full what “EoE Luft Loss DB” stands for, and (4) where I can find it?

Vielen Dank, Dave