1. N

    Hungarian Fw-190 F8

    Here is a Tamiya 1/48 Fw-190 I finished recently, done in Hungarian colors (I always like foreign service pieces and have half Hungarian heritage), with decals from HAD decals.
  2. peterairfix

    Pete's revell 1\25 Porsche carrera

    I finally got this one finished the body work i am pleased with but the rest of the kit is a bit of a let down notably the tyres. But i hope you like it.
  3. eddiesolo


    This is something I have been working on for a while, all scratch made from a salt grinder, sweetie container and old camera parts, LED's fitted. This is about the size of a Gala Melon so not too big but a nice size. All weathered and worn. This worn and battered droid floats around Mos Eisley...
  4. stona

    1/32 Seafang 32 Iconicair

    Here the completed Iconicair 1/32 Seafang 32. Build thread is here. It’s a nice kit, but is obviously a fairly limited run resin kit and it won’t jump out of the box and build itself. Any model builder with a bit of...
  5. PhilJ

    Phils' 1/48 Eduard Fw190 D9 "Red 1"

    Hi guys, Well I have finally finished the D9 (my forth build), a little later than expected but I have been extremely busy with work and just life in general. It had some fit issues which I was warned about and the fuselage needed some unnerving clamping and slow tightening whilst gluing (with...
  6. treyzx10r

    Henschel Hs123 1/48 Amtech

    I built one of these in standard 71/70 splinter and have wanted to do another with the older 1930's scheme. I found a decent deal on evil bay and snatched it up. The Amtech re box with added resin and landing gear options is a great leap up from the original Italeri offering but it still needs...
  7. beowulf

    Horton Ho-229

    years ago i had an ATL story which enabled me to build all manner of whiffs, i have resurrected it to give me a back story for this Horton Ho-229 'Scoiattolo' of the Regia Aeronautica 1947 By 1947 the Horton Ho-229 had evolved into a capable multi role aircraft...night fighter...
  8. D

    Nissan R390GT1.1/24

    Hi Friends. Finished this 1/24 Tamiya kit. Had fun with this one and hope you enjoy. All the best. Ralph.
  9. AceAndroid

    Lindberg 1/48 S.E.5A (My first build!)

    Hello everyone! Today I finally got around to finishing the paint on my S.E.5A. It is not the first model I have built, but the first one I have completed with paint and weathering. I am really happy with how it turned out, especially since I had no idea what I was doing half the time and used...
  10. beowulf

    Kawasaki KZ1000P CHiPs

    Aoshima 1/12 Kawasaki KZ1000P California Highway Patrol excuse the pics......had a hard job taking pics, cos its black, white and chrome it seemed no matter what colour back ground i used it wasnt good enough, ended up with a light grey t shirt lol and one for scale
  11. baz

    scratch build venator from star wars

    hello everyone, yes the old guy has been at it again, please be gentle on me but here is the latest from my pile of plastic and other assorted bits and bats. The venator class star ship from the star wars saga, not a long build this one and please forgive my feeble...
  12. snapper41

    Academy 1/48 F-86 Sabre

    Hi all; A break from modelling 41 Squadron! I picked this kit up for the grand total of £4 recently; the Academy 1/48 F-86. I've always like the look of the Sabre, so thought I'd give it a go. Really nice kit, goes together very well, with lots of detail including a full engine and dolly if...
  13. just dave

    1/72 P51D "Bunnie"

    Hi guys, this is my latest build, Academy Models 1/72 P-51D Mustang "Bunnie". It hasn't turned out as nice as I would have liked and I tried a new way of weathering with pastel powdering but when I put the matt cote over the top it just turned to a liquid and spread everywhere, especially on...
  14. Fishbone

    1/72 F-22A Raptor

    Order of Battle. This kit is a F-22A – single-seat production version which was designated F/A-22A in early 2000s. It's a 2009 new mould & typical of HobbyBoss so it's really well done. Moulded on 4 grey plastic & 1 clear sprue, it's a very detailed and worth-the-money kit with full-detailed...
  15. kpnuts

    HMS Warspite resized

    Hi all well due to shortage of space I've reduced her from this to this I will be using the fw190 in another dio, I was going to rewire the lighting on this but since my next instalment of this will be as a sunken wreck couldnt see the point.
  16. D

    Matchbox 1/72 Bristol Beaufighter Mk.X, R>A>F> Coastal Command Scotland 1944/45

    This is my old matchbox kit, 1973, built out of box no extras. trying to get used to airbrush, hope you like all comments as usual welcome.
  17. baz

    wo bott scratchbuild

    hello everyone, well here is wo bott a scratch build that just came out of nothing, I was just clearing up some bits after completing a model and them I had a vision, the next thing was I had bits stuck together and was looking at a skeleton of sprue just waiting to...
  18. peterairfix

    Revell 1\48 CH-53 heavy lift helicopter

    This one was built some month's a go but i have only just got round to finishing it so I hope you like it Comments are welcome
  19. papa 695

    papa 695s FW190 Egg plane

    Happy Easter everyone I've got this one completed. I got the idea last year after Colin M asked me what's inside the egg after the Osprey egg build I hope you like it
  20. papa 695

    papa 695s Harrier Egg plane

    Happy Easter everyone Got this completed