1. treyzx10r

    FW190 Josef Priller Jg26 1/48 Dragon

    I struggled to finish this ill fitting kit and it was real close to the bin several times. Lots of filler and tedious rescribing . Do'nt remember the last Fw Dragon kit I built being such a struggle but that was several years ago now. I left it mostly unweathered for a change, just wanted a...
  2. john i am

    Airfix 1/72 Swiss 1945 Me 109.

    Hi everyone here's my little 1/72 me 109 from airfix. A great little kit which went together very well. After wash and a simple base and two random figures added. Thanks for looking in and any comments left. Cheers John
  3. M

    Tamiya Nissan Skyline R34

    Carrying on from its build thread Clicky Here This is the Skyline complete, and complete with baseboard and scratchbuilt pavement and road. Thank you for looking -Matt-
  4. T

    Boom Haul

    Hi all. Another truck built fellas. I just completed the trailer to the 142H tractor unit I had built for the Steel Haul that I was supposed to use but did not. The boom is from a childs RC toy digger I bought at a cheap store. I had planned on using it as a load for my heavy hauler rig, but the...
  5. papa 695

    papa 695s Mercedes C9

    Well I'm calling this one done made a big mistake with the 63 on top of the wing it should have been further forward but we live and learn. I hope you like it, and the last photo is just to show scale. I don't normaly do cars but I really enjoyed this build
  6. peterairfix

    Pete's Tamiya Honda RA273

    Looks like i am first to the flag on this one. A nice kit one that i enjoyed building. So please enjoy her. Comments are welcome
  7. flyjoe180

    Joe's Revell 1/72 BAe Hawk T1 ETPS Raspberry Ripple

    Got there in the end, only three months and nearly three weeks overdue. XX342, Empire Test Pilots School. 1/72 Revell Hawk T1 kit, a re-box of Italeri's kit and not the easiest of builds. I could have spent days more doing bits and pieces but to be honest it was quickly becoming more of a...
  8. snapper41

    41(F) Squadron in 1/48 - NA Harvard T2b

    Hi all; Well, the finishing line for 41(F) Sqn in 1/48 is in sight! Here is my latest addition, a North American Harvard T2b. What, I hear you ask?? Wasn't 41 Squadron a fighter squadron?? Well yes it was - but in April 1947, for just 14 months, 41 became RAF 12 Group's instrument flying...
  9. B

    SSK Oyashio class submarine submersible model 1:700

    My idea was to convert a regular kit into the model be able simply dive in some vessels available at any home. Therefore, I did not want to use well known sub drivers for conversion of models to RC. I’ve decided to use a well known physical principle of diving of a cup in water. It should to...
  10. D

    Avro Lancaster B.111

    This is my 1/72 Airfix Avro Lancaster B.111, built out of box and my first attempt at using my new airbrush. Hope you all like. There are a few mistakes but I am quite happy with it.
  11. InFlames

    MiG-31BM 'Foxhound' (AMK, 1:48)

    My biggest modelling feat so far, the excellent AMK's MiG-31BM 'Foxhoud'. By clicking on the below photo, you will access the article on my blog including the photo gallery.
  12. BigZimmo

    1/48 Ark Models: I-16 "Rata"

    Hi folks!!! The latest product of my workbench: I-16 "Rata" (Rat) in 1/48 scale from Ark Models. Colours from Vallejo, Gunze and Model Master. Cheers Stefan:)
  13. booozer

    Monogram BMW 635CSI 1/24

    My next build was a BMW found on ebay some time ago and I thought I have to have one of those old beemers. Kit itself is very basic (no decals) and little that I knew of the kit quality before buying and the body was damaged (firewall and A pillar) when I got it. This didn't discouraged me much...
  14. D

    Super Etendard.(Libya 2011)

    This is on I did a couple of years ago. This is the Academy 1/72 kit. I think the markings were for an aircraft based on the Charles De Gaulle in 2011. Ralph
  15. Apokalipse

    1/48 Eduard Yak-3

    Just recently finished this one. I've learned a lot from my other 1/48 scale aeroplane kit. This time I've done a much better job hiding the seam on the wings (and most other seams between plastic pieces) and I've made the plane look a lot more grimy using pigments. The kit itself is...
  16. Fenlander

    Fenlander's Space Shuttle Egg Plane

    Well, got a whisk on and got this one beat today. It was all painting and decals so no pictures Really enjoyed doing this, it was a fun little model to build and I just love the guy doing the Space Walk. Hope you approve :)
  17. treyzx10r

    Albatros DVa Jasta 64w 1/32 Wingnut Wings

    Just put the wraps on this . Ca'nt say enough great things about this kit,one of the best I've ever built. Fit and finish is top notch and the instruction booklet even has actual reference pictures included. The decals laid down very nicely and accepted the Walthers Solvaset blending into the...
  18. roymattblack

    1/8 Cunningham lightweight E Type Jaguar

    Hello you guys. Sorry I didn't post a wip on this one but it was a pretty full-on build over the last 4-5 months. The basis was the Revell E Type but I actually only used about 1/2 the kit. The whole rear end, roof and screen are my own scratch work, as is virtually everything under the...
  19. Fishbone

    1/72 RAF Harrier GR Mk.3

    Hi guys, finally I can called it done: the Harrier GR Mk.3. The W.I.P. is here Take off in a "Jump Jet" with the Harrier Gr. Mk.3! This Hasegawa's 1/72 scale kit is typical of Hasegawa design and manufacturing. The kit went together with minimal fuss, no putty and little sanding. It's an OOB...
  20. Ade Close Enough

    Ade's F-4F Phantom II WTD 61 "Flight Test"

    Finally got round to finishing my little Phantom. Some people will know how I struggled with this, partly through my own stupidity and partly through incorrect paint guides! All told this was my third set of decals and I can't tell you how many times it nearly went in the bin! Anyway its all...