1. just dave

    1/24 Bell UH-1 Huey

    Hi all. This is my completed Revell 1/24 Bell "Huey". My first attempt at airbrushing (I've started off just doing the large areas) and I also experimented with washing by creating my own pastel wash. There are a few little area's that I'm not happy with and the fit on some parts is a little...
  2. D

    RMS Titanic...1/700

    Hi Friends. This is one I did last year. This is the Academy kit with Toms Modelworks etch detail sets. I did drop it towards the end of the build,and that is why some of the rigging looks dodgy. Anyway hope you enjoy. Ralph.
  3. stona

    1/32 Do 335 M13 from HK Models

    Here’s the completed HK Models 1/32 scale Do 335 B-2, the build thread for which can be found here. It is an excellent kit, well engineered and fitting, a pleasure to build. Zoukei-Mura are also producing a Do 335 in this...
  4. snapper41

    41(F) Squadron in 1/48 - Sopwith 7F1 Snipe

    Hi all; Well, the 41(F) Sqn in 1/48 project draws to a close! This is the latest offering - the Sopwith Snipe by Blue Max Models. As you'd expect from a limited run model, its has its...challenges, shall we say? That said, it had lots of white metal in the box (lovely engine and guns), and...
  5. just dave

    just dave's Revell 1/48 P51 Mustang MkIII

    Please be gentle. This was my first build after a long period away from scale models and so it is very rough. I used this just to get my eye back in and see whether I would still enjoy it and tried some techniques & products I had previously never used. It is entirely brush painted using...
  6. BigZimmo

    1/32 Bf 109 G-14, 21st Century Toys (!)

    Hi mates!!! News from my assembly-line: it's a Bf 109 G-14 in 1/32 scale from "21st Century Toys". And yes, this kit is more toy than model but it's we are modellers, what we can get is also built!! ;) The G-14 was a modified version of the G-6. The modification was a 50-MW...
  7. T. van Vuuren

    Lockheed Eggs-R 71

    Hasegawa egg SR-71. Real fun to do Nice to do do it in between more time consuming other projects. Theuns
  8. Doug Hughes

    Airfix 1/72 P-51D Mustang

    I completed this several weeks ago, but have been waiting for the rare combination of free time and a bright day to take some photos. It's an OOB build of the new tool Airfix Mustang, the only deviation being that the red around the nose is painted, rather than using the decal provided - it was...
  9. 1275GT

    1/72 Airfix N.American F-86E(M) Sabre

    Hi all. Here's my latest addition to my shiny shelf aka my aerobatic collection. Its the Airfix F-86 Sabre in 1/72 which handily comes with markings for the Yugoslav aerobatic team circa 1960. The kit was made OOB with the small addition of a brass tube pitot replacement, painted using...
  10. simno9

    Hobbyboss 1/48 Wildcat F4F-3

    After twenty odd years of not modelling (the last aircraft kits I built were 1/72 Airfix that hung from my bedroom ceiling by cotton thread!!) and eighteen months of trying armour and aircraft in a variety scales and marvelling at the standard on here I have finally completed a 1/48 aircraft...
  11. Louis Beckerson

    1/32 Revell BF 109G-10 with Eduard DB-605 A/B Engine

    My 10th model, very proud of it. Just looking for friendly advice on how i can get models like this to look even better! I used a paintbrush to paint his kit, and thoroughly enjoyed making the Eduard engine.
  12. T. van Vuuren

    Hasegawa 1/48 F-86f30

    A really nice kit, good detail and fit. The decals were a bit if a hassle, some broke up and carefull fitting was required with allot of microsol. Alclad airframe alluminium over gloss black enamel, some pannels masked off to give a darker tone look. Aldlad clearcoat ove it all. Theuns
  13. papa 695

    papa 695s 1/48 Revell Eurofighter

    Well I'm calling this one done. A great Revell kit with some very nice detail. But I used the Eduard cockpit PE set which really brought it to life. All paints Vallejo. I Hope you like it.
  14. demon

    dragon USS PRINCETON CVL23

    The kit was built over a period of nine weeks I also added an Eduard set mainly because I wanted the extra detail on such a large model which is 550mm long and 100mm wide it's built to 350 scale The quality of this kit is outstanding better than tamiya dare I say The model was finished with...
  15. monica

    Streampunk,Viking Longboat,1;50

    Calling this one done,been some time since I,worked on it, I was meant to add figures ,but never got around to it, ;) Its mostly all scratch build,only had ,like a water line,hull,so added all the planking,and made the rest, was a fun build,and It was just some think I,did wont to make...
  16. R

    Rick's Airfix 1/48 BAe Hawk T1 ETPS Raspberry Ripple

    Here is my belated Raspberry Ripple BAe Hawk T1 in the colours of The Empire Test Pilots School. This is the Airfix 1/48 kit and was not too bad a kit to build, the paint scheme was more of a challenge as it is all straight lines which can be tricky to keep true. I used Vallejo Model Air paints...
  17. Bari

    Academy 1/72 F-51D Mustang in Korean colours

    I haven't made a very good job of this one but its done now. The markings are made up from two different aircraft as the decals were terrible. You will notice that there is only one side with a number under the cockpit this is because the correct numbers fell to bits as I put them on and then...
  18. papa 695

    papa 695s Bf109E3 1/72 Airfix

    Well I've got this one completed a great little kit to put together All paints are Humbrol
  19. BigZimmo

    Hasegawa 1/32: Fw 190 D-9 "Red 1"; Platzschutzstaffel JV44

    Ooouuh......another Fw 190 D-9.....again....booooooooring!!! ;) Here comes part 4 of my "Dora-Project". It shows the Fw 190 D-9 "Red 1", flown by Lieutenant Heinz Sachsenberg, leader of the famous "Sachsenbergschwarm", also known as "Parrot Squadron". As I said in my other Dora-Rollouts, the...
  20. J

    John's Tamiya 1:32 MOSQUITO

    Really should have started on something much easier, but congratulations to Tamiya for a very finely made kit. I did enjoy each of the 100 hours, promise :P M1 by John Dutfield, on Flickr M2 by John Dutfield, on Flickr M6 by John Dutfield, on Flickr M7 by John Dutfield, on Flickr...