1. treyzx10r

    Ta152C 1/48 hobby Boss

    The Wulf builds continue with the V7 prototype werk nummer 110 007 Ta 152C-O/R11 . Powered with a DB603 E . I finished it in RLM 81/83/76 which may or may not be correct my research has failed to find anything very solid on colors but this seems to be the most accepted combo.If anyone has...
  2. peterairfix

    Pete's Tiny Titanic

    This one was done in two days it's the smallest ship I have done. It is the revell one at a scale of1\1200. I dare any one else to try one
  3. demon

    trumpeter s100 class schnellboot

    Hi guys this trumpeter kit is to 350 scale so is very small it was built over three days and was brush painted using lifecolor acrylics the water was done using the same paints then a coat of epoxy glue was applied prior to the white water being done with silicone sealer applied with a tooth...
  4. camponubla

    1/700 USS Zumwalt (Dragon)

    This is the first DDG Zumwalt class destroyer. It's a Dragon kit with extra PE kit of BigBlueBoy. [
  5. camponubla

    1/200 Harbour tug Smit Frankrijk (Revell)

    This is the Smit Frankrijk, a harbour tug. I built this kit without any PE, but I made few "scratchs" parts, for example; the Fire Fighter boxes, the condensator of the air conditioner, the radar mast, the brackets of the hull, the Zinc anodes, the tow cable, anchor chains, fenders with real...
  6. camponubla

    1700 USS Mount Whitney (Trumpeter)

    This is the USS Mount Whitney. It is a Blue Ridge class command ship of the US Navy. This is the Trumpeter kit, with some "extras"; the CH-46 chopper, some railings, lifebuoys, doors with PE, semi-rigid boat and the antennas in the port and starboard sides in the bridge.
  7. camponubla

    Revell 1/144 Sea Shadow

    These images are from my 1/144 Sea Shadow form Revell. I installed some red leds in the cockpit and the other opened areas. [ [ [
  8. spanner570

    "Let's soak their washing!" Vietnam Swift Boat (PCF) Mekong Delta.

    Here is my finished Revell Swift Boat (PCF). The crew are having some fun trying to flick the boat's wash at some local's washing on a small river in the Mekong Delta..... Just a pity I was unable to find some 1/48 Marines to pose onboard. I'll keep looking. Just a handful of far too many...
  9. noble

    Trojan T28b

    Hi all I think iam calling this one complete, hope you like it and as always any and all comments are most welcome good or bad. Scott
  10. booozer

    Mercedes SLS 1/24 Revell

    Labour of love, chase after perfection or maybe just maybe my insanity in a styrene form. I've painted and stripped this body probably 6 times, it took me about a year since the start to finish and this is 2nd body used as first after few too many baths in dot4 eventually dissolved. Revell was...
  11. Wendall

    1/48 Airfix Spitfire Mk.Vb trop.

    Morning All...First build of 2016 complete. Airfix newish Vb kit. Aftermarket decals from a company called AML. Primed with Alclad black and airbrushed with Tamiya acrylic. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and try a different approach to the usual pre-shading. The technique I've used...
  12. Pikeman

    1/24 scale beetle

  13. BarryW

    Academy 1/48 F4J Phantom

    This will be my last build for a while. We get the keys to my new home in a few weeks and it will be a little while before my new man-cave is ready, probably in the garage. This is a really nice kit, good engineering and generally a good fit. My 'mojo' was low on this one so I spent a lot...
  14. Fishbone

    1/72 F-104J "Reborn"

    W.I.P. here: It's a painful experience when building this kit: Clear part went missing, which mean no canopy. And then, Nose landing gear part went missing too. After few night of suffer, finally done the painting and...
  15. yak face

    Yaks Korean war GB - Airfix F86 Sabre " The Huff"

    Heres the finished Sabre , nice kit ,great decals , dodgy wheels. comments criticisms welcome , cheers tony
  16. Paulo Castro

    P-51D "Big Beautiful Doll" (Airfix 1/72)

    US, P-51D-20-NA, 44-72218, Big Beautiful Doll, Lt. Col. John D. Landers, 78 FG, 84 FS Cmdr Officer of 78th FG, flew 90 missions in the Pacific Theater; served also with the 55th FG and 357th FG/ Had over 1039 hrs in flying time and 174 total missions. 3 Silver Stars/4 DFC/ British DFC/21...
  17. Paulo Castro

    P-51D "Big Beautiful Doll" (Airfix 1/72)

    DELETED! Sorry! I've doubled up!
  18. BigZimmo

    Hasegawa 1/32: Fw 190 D-9 "Red 13"; Platzschutzstaffel JV44

    Hi mates!! Here is Part 3 of a project to represent the complete "Sachsenbergschwarm" in 1/32 scale. It is about the Fw 190 D-9 "Red 13", flown by Lieutenant Klaus Faber. Kit, as always, by Hasegawa. Colors of Vallejo, Gunze, Mr.Paint and Revell. Decals of Eagle Cals and from the kit. Aging...
  19. peterairfix

    Pete's 1/24 Revell routemaster

    After five weeks of building she is now finished i got a few gaps where the panels met but on the whole its turned nice i enjoyed building it so here it is. Comments welcome