1. Jens Andrée

    Jens 1/35 Amusing Hobby 8.8cm Flakzwilling Flakpanzer E-100 Anti-Aircraft Tank

    Here is my contribution to the 2018 AA gun GB and it's the monstrous E-100 Flakpanzer! Currently I don't think there are any aftermarket parts available due to it being pretty new, but standard Fruilmodel E-100 tracks fits, which I probably will get for this one since I'm not a big fan of...
  2. yambam26

    Yambam's 2009 Dodge Challenger SRT8

    HI All, Heres my opening box art of the kit, This build is a spur of the moment job but the GB has grabbed my attention so ive got to do it! More To come this week :)