1. JJ Models

    Mounting and painting support

    Hi For some time now I am planning to build a support to be able to support the models, especially the planes, which will allow me to mount and paint them. Here I leave a basic idea that I have developed which is working very well although after going using it I am looking to make some...
  2. A

    Tips on sealing a paint job

    Hi, I don't know a lot about model painting atm but I have been required to paint 2 toy pistols for a convention I am going to later this week. I am using Revell paints, Matte Black, Silver and Gold but have found that once the paint dries it could be prone to rub off, is there any type of...
  3. stillp

    Oldie returns!

    Hi Folks, Back in the sixties I used to make a lot of plastic kits, mostly military but also some 1/32 cars for slot car racing, but stopped when I got married in 1970. Then about 15 years ago one of the kids gave me an Airfix "Cars of the sixties" set comprising an Escort Mk1, Triumph...
  4. L

    Masking mutiple bands layer or overlap and sand?

    Hi I am new to modeling and spraying. I am restoring an old car to box art conditions. Here is what it should look like when its done: It is primed and I have the yellow top coat on and sanded to 3000 grit. Now I want to add the blue's, the decals and the clear coat. My question is...
  5. Stevekir

    Applying Painted Tamiya Tape to Decorate Model Surface?

    I want to apply narrow strips of red paint on to the surface of a fully painted 1/24 model. It is important that the edges of the red are very clean. For various reasons doing it the conventional way (masking off everything except the bits to be painted red) would be difficult. I have been...
  6. Cherry Collins

    Does anyone use stencils for camo and other effects?

    Hi everyone My other half has started running a small business and has started making stencils for painting miniature models. So far he has aimed his work at the Warhammer / Wargaming market, which is where his own hobby interests are, but I wondered if you guys could give some thoughts on the...