star trek

  1. ScifiGeek

    USS Enterprise TOS 1:600 Revell model with custom LED lighting

    Hi - I am working on the Revell 1:600 scale model of the TOS USS Enterprise. I have 12 blog entries so far and you can find them at:
  2. Spree

    First lit enterprise.

    This is the first kit I have ever built and put lights in. I am open to all comments. It's taken nearly twelve months but has lots of features. Custom shuttlebay with lights. Tenacontrols provided the circuit board for the phaser array, on the saucer and the circuit for the bussard affect. It...
  3. Davinder Sangha

    Galileo Seven Star Trek diorama in progress

    Construction on my Galileo Seven diorama. The plan is to have the shuttle on a landscape, with figures of Spock and McCoy outside, plus looking at a neanderthal-like figure in the background. The model is lit, with flashing LEDs on an opening on the nacelles, simulating an electrical problem...
  4. Davinder Sangha

    USS Enterprise Original Series scratch built model - Complete!

    My fully complete scratch built model of the USS Enterprise from Star Trek, The Original Series. Mainly made of wood, MDF, card and foam board, but various other, easily available bits used as well. The model is fully lit using LEDs running at 7.5v, plus two running motors for the lights. Full...
  5. Davinder Sangha

    Star Trek USS Enterprise Original Series scratch build in progress

    A few photos from my Original Series USS Enterprise. Scratch build and still in progress. It's going to be lit using LED and is using the same stand style as in my previous X-Wing. I'm looking to motorise the Warp engines, but mistakenly purchased motors with a really high RPM, so sourcing some...