1. andyco

    1/35 Tamiya T-34/76

    My second attempt at modelling, in recent years. I think it was a great kit for a beginner, I really enjoyed building it, went together easily and has lots of options and accessories. Probably overdid a lot of the weathering, but it’s turned out to look like a very well worn in machine. Quite...
  2. andyco

    1/35 Tamiya Panther Ausf A

    This is the first model I’ve built for a long time, since I used to build Airfix planes as a kid. It’s the first tank I’ve built and the first time I’ve tried all the weathering techniques. I know it’s not historically accurate and it’s not as good as the stuff in the magazines and on here, but...
  3. W

    Higgins landing craft

  4. phikoleoputra

    1/48 Tamiya Zero Fighter

    Hi all, My current work in progress is this amazing Tamiya "Zeke" with PE goodies and Metal Barrel. So far it's been a fun build. Thanks for looking and as always, critiques and comments are welcomed. Thanks for looking.. Cheers
  5. Stands24

    Dragon Jagdtiger with PaK80 L/66 in 1:35

    Next build! This is one of Dragon's new releases, a Jagdtiger with the proposed 128mm PaK80 L/66. The 128mm PaK44 L/55 was already a MONSTER of a gun with insane penetration power for the time, so I don't want to begin to imagine how hilariously powerful this one would have been. xD Some people...
  6. Stands24

    Tamiya M4A3E2 "Jumbo" Sherman in 1:35

    Hey guys! Back with another tank. All my other projects are on hold since this tank will be my Dad's Christmas present. I'm looking to replicate Cobra King as it appeared December 1944. I have a set of decals I'll order when I get paid next. Other than that, I think I have all the materials I...
  7. Stands24

    Dragon Panther II in 1:35

    Hi guys! First full construction journal here. This is a long-ish post spanning a couple months of work, catching up to the present. I will say that I know this kit has a lot of errors and would require HEAVY surgery. However, I'm not too concerned with it since they are just a bunch of minor...
  8. Richard Allsebrook

    1/72 Pacific Theatre of Operations "Secure the Area!"

    Hi folks. Here's my recently finished Pacific Theatre of Operations diorama in 1/72 entitled "Secure The Area!". It depicts a unit of US soldiers arriving at and securing a small Japanese island village. It uses a mixture of Dragon and Academy vehicles with mainly Caesar figures. The base...
  9. Weeman0000

    WW2 French Color?

    Hey guys, been semi busy for a while so not had time to model, back at it with 4 at once. That being said im stuck, im unsure what the french blue/green color is or where to get a pre-made one. (without mixing my own) I'm basically doing for this camo scheme below but no clue as all the...
  10. Weeman0000


    Another one just finished, Cant really go wrong with Russian builds. 1, paint green. 2, add rust. 3 throw it in mud. 4 win! First time using tamiya weathering stick, altho im not sure it was needed, wax + pigment would do just as well imo but it turned out fine which is the main goal.
  11. Weeman0000

    M41 Walker Bulldog -redo

    Iv re-done the bulldog First time doing a camo net (more in the pipeline) and i thought id bring it up to my (albeit shoddy) current standards :P Heres the previous version.
  12. Braille- dave

    H/F CH1 R/X U/S- 309MSSU attend (out)

    1:72 RAF Mobile Signals Unit The inspiration for this diorama came from a couple of sources. Firstly, the RAF's story in WW2 has, understandably, largely been focused on the aeroplanes, aircrew and ground crew of the RAF's flying commands- but a substantial number of RAF personnel, never...
  13. Weeman0000

    American M41 Walker bulldog

    Cant remember the build number but i remember it was cheap and i threw it together in about 2h give or take and painted, scraped and weathered in about 4h inc leaving it to dry. Typical with my early builds, base coat, whap out the steel for the scrapes and throw some home-made dirt wash all...
  14. Weeman0000

    British Centurion Mk5

    This (as well as my chieftain mk3 which is still being touched up) was my very first tank EVER so yeah, its crap. About the kit... Well it wasn't that bad to build tbh, the tracks were... well you can see the right track fell off halfway through taking pictures so it wasn't the most fun...
  15. Weeman0000

    Soviet Kliment Voroshilov 2 (KV2) (Abandoned Eastern Front Version)

    Ok. So i finished this a while ago as my third model ever which with lack of skill and lack of materials didn't come out quite as well as i hoped. Also the kit was rather hard to build due to ill-fitting parts but it was quite fun and fun to try and weather for the first time :) Please point...