Asking the impossible?


Richard T

Hi All

I am afraid I am not a modeller - well not for a long time - and I have a rather unusual request.
I teach a university undergraduate course in creative post-production and I am hoping to undertake a project with a group of students which will involve shooting footage of a high quality model on motion tracked green screen in one of our studios. This in order to provide footage for a post-production project which will output cinema grade composite sequences of the model in 3D modeled virtual sets and other composite environments.

The type of model we are hoping to find is a large scale ship, with a view to emulating the sort of footage seen in Star Wars and other movies of the genre. We are obviously looking for the largest scale model possible and something finished to a standard which will bear fairly close scrutiny from 4k cameras with cinema lenses. All lighting would be by LED, so there is no risk of heat damage from incandescent lighting. We would need to suspend the model with fine wire(s) which will be removed from the image in post. As an educational establishment we have (practically) no budget but could arrange insurance and (reasonable) transportation costs.

I know this is a big ask, but if anyone has a completed model which they think could be suitable - and they would be prepared to loan it for this project - I would love to hear from you. The project will be supervised by teaching staff and our faculty technicians so the model wouldn't be left at the mercy of students. In return we could offer some spectacular images of the model. You would also be welcome to attend the studion shoot workshop(s) if it would interest you. We are located in Hampshire, UK and are hoping to shoot early in 2019.

If anyone has any ideas, please get in touch.




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Apr 27, 2018
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may be worth dropping this chap (Baz) a line via the conversation facility - he specialises in large scale space craft


Richard T

Thanks for the tip.
I have looked at some of his work on here and it looks amazing.
I will give it a day or so to see if Baz stumbles across this thread but then I might ask him directly if he has any thoughts.