BR Mk1 BSK coach in weathered Regional Railways livery


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Dec 20, 2011
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This is a Bachmann BR Mk1 coach that I was going to sell or convert into a bullion van. I read an article about how to weather a Class 108 DMU that involved masking the bodysides and weathering the roof and underframes with a medium to heavy coating then removing the masking to lightly weather the bodysides to mimic a vehicle that has been through the wash plant. The next time you are waiting for your train home have a look at how modern trains in the UK accumulate grime. For all the criticism that train companies get in the UK they do at least have clean(ish) trains, at least on SWT....and on the outside.

Highlights were applied to the underframe with Tamiya weathering pallets to reproduce greasy bogies and axle boxes. Adding a drop of Humbrol Metalcote Gun Metal to the this mix then applying it to the axles boxes is the secret here; rubbing it with a finger when dry buffs the metal particles in the paint for that greasy effect. The base colour is track dirt and sleeper grime sprayed to give tonal variation. A similar technique was used on the roof with roof dirt and black.

I weathered this coach using the methods I read about and this is the result. I applied a thinned down wash of Railmatch track dirt on the bodysides then wiped it off using cotton buds in a vertical fashion. Enamel thinners produced a slightly faded effect and also made the printed livery a little fuzzy along the lines and running numbers.

Needless to say this coach has been reprieved from conversion or sale and is part of my fleet of Mk1 coaches which all get treated the same way to varying degrees.

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Absolutely beautiful. Weathering at its very best, and used with a great appreciation of the real subject and how it actually gets to be in the state it is in real life. Wonderful.