Citadel (Games Workshop) Corax White primer


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Apr 28, 2018
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For priming models, and to make sure white bits will actually be white, I like spraying cans of white primer. When my old one ran out recently, I went to the local game store (the only place in my area where I can get decent primer that actually covers) to buy a new can; they turned out to once again stock Citadel (Games Workshop) primer, instead of the Army Painter cans they had been selling for the last few years:


Okay, I had good experiences with the old GW Skull White primer, so let’s try this new Corax White that appears to have replaced it. See for yourself:


The sheet of paper is white, the painted side of the plane certainly isn’t. Great, I bought this primer specifically so that I can spray models like this Corsair white without having to put on several coats to get it to cover …

To give an idea of what colour the paint actually is, here are some comparisons to a very old (25 years or so) Humbrol colour chart with actual paint chips (not printed approximations, but the real thing):


These three were about the closest colours I could find on the chart.

Other than that, the primer seems to be pretty good. It sprays well into a nice and thin coat, it’s definitely matt — it’s just not white. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it, despite the price (€13.50 for a can, call it 50% more than what a similar-sized can of car paint would set me back), but don’t buy it if you want white primer.