Eduard Polikarpov I-16 Type 10.


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Jul 2, 2020
Cushendall, Co. Antrim
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Sat last night to continue with my MiG but this was sitting in my spray booth taunting me, so have decided to get this finished before continuing with the MiG. (Plus my paint for the cockpit still hasn't arrived and I seem to have purchased the last bottle in existence which has now probably repainted part of a Royal Mail sorting centre somewhere.......)

I started this to christen my new bench intending to do a quick build and before I sat down last night it was primed and had the underside painted probably the wrong blue.
Last night got the green down, masking removed, more masking applied, overspray on blue touched up and the front end assembled then some detailing with the hairy stick.
On the to do list is touch up the green, decal, weather, topcoat, and then clear parts attached.

I had spent some time on the IP, but you can't see it, I also scratched some straps out of paper but forgot to photograph them......

Edit; And looking at the pictures I've forgotten the MGs.......