Evolution of a torpedo-tube, 1:24

Jul 8, 2011
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I have made a start on the torpedo tube, U.S., 21-in WWII Fleet boat type. First off was to see if I could make a basic breech-door:

Next was to try for a breech locking-ring, seen here with the basic form turned and the rim under-cut:

Then cutting in the notches with a 1/4-in Buck chisel:

A retaining ring was needed to secure the outer end of the locking-ring, as I have no way to cut threads in the mating parts, as on a real tube:

I have also attempted the lower-land, by hammering a strip of thin brass to fit the curvature, then using CA to gingerly set it into the tube:

I found some acrylic metallic bronze for coloration:

At this stage, I'm taking a break from this piece until I feel ready to tackle the tedious job of mating the door with the ring; object is to have a working, lockable breech! Of course, it is inevitable for a torpedo-room to eventually evolve around it.

Regards, John