Fernando N's Airfix 1/72 A-4B Skyhawk

Fernando N

Aviation fan and the Roadrunner, meep meep!
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Apr 27, 2018
Almere, Netherlands
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Hi all,

Peter, thank you and ears are fine lost a few tones in my early concert years, have been using earplugs for 10 years now.
At the campsite you needed them for sleeping too with all the loonies running and yelling all night:upside:.

Paul, thanks, 100+ of my favourite, known and unknown bands even had to miss some due to conflicting shows:tongue-out3:.

Tony, thank you and yes it is a little gem and any Scooter fan should build it LOL:smiling5:.
Just be careful in cleaning up the parts as the major ones are exact fitting.

Tim, thank you and the limitations are good for one’s creativity don’t you agree?

Jim, thanks, yes a second one have found its way to the pile and will be fully dressed with pe:nerd:.

Pete, thanks and the next one is a canvas to test out some Vallejo paints too.

Joe, thank you.

Ron, thank you too, you just described my Monday, 15 hours of sleep for 4 nights and lots of beer LOL:smiling5::smiling5:

More pics coming up in the completed section.