Finding the middle of a circle


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Apr 28, 2018
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I made a Centre finder as an apprentice 50 years ago,still using it now.
That’s a device I had never even heard of, and didn’t know how it works until somebody posted a picture of it somewhere on here. I suppose it’s one of those things where if you’ve had certain types of education and/or are in certain lines of business, you know all about it — but if you’re not, then you probably don’t even know such a thing exists.

as an ex art director I'm used to eyeballing the center. ;)
Eyeballing it works fine if you’re trying to, say, put something in the middle of a diorama base. If you want to put something exactly in the middle of an item like a turret floor, though, you’ll probably be quite a bit far out of the real centre :smiling3: