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over xmas I noticed an advert on TV for a magazine building the flying Scotsman. Each month I assume a few more bits are tacked on the front cover. The loco looked to be in 0 gauge, my question is does any one know where or how to buy this magazine?

Cheers kevin


i saw the advert too. it said it was 0 guage. even though i dont like trains i am quite tempted to go along with this...something to do :smiling3: im guessing your local newsagents will do it and most have a service where you can get them to keep a copy of every issue that comes in for you for a small deposit.

but the fact that the whole thing in the end will cost £617.26 im not too sure....
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An interesting model but introducing a lot of people to working with brass which is a big step to take when you are investing over six hundred quid.

I'm afraid partworks are not for me as the potential for supply problems is too much of an exposure for an outlay of so much money.



I have to agree with you Bunker and Rjwood. The model looks interesting but after looking at the link form dipstick I had a look round on the steam sites and teh same basic kit of fretwork can be had for about 1/3rd the price of the 125 magazines. I cant see how the loco could be broken down into that many mags having built a couple of gauge 1 locos in a similar way I would think there must be many issues that all you get are a wheel or a runing board.

Thanks for the link dipstick saved me a bit of cash and I think some headaches.

Cheers kevin


There are hundreds of kits available in O gauge, DJH in Consett, Co Durham is one of the leaders. I personally cannot see the point in spending £600 odd quid over so many months to build a Locomotive when for around £400 you get the kit, wheels and motor and provided you know what you're doing, you'll have your own Finescale model worth over £1000 which will take a couple of months to bash together at the most, and you don't have to worry about missed issues or catching up with back numbers.

I have been making metal kit locos for sometime, admittedly in OO gauge, the principles are the same as are the methods, only smaller (wait 'till you have to form your valve gear and motion together!) a bit more fiddly but there you go. Good luck anyway.


This train nas just appeared on Ozzie TV and after buying the Red Baron I'd never buy another TV ad model again it has cost me an arm & a leg and still sits on the back of my workbench looking as sad as the day I finished paying $1,190aust. for the silly thing and now if I want to finsih it I have to go out and buy some fishing rod binder cotton for the lacing. Blah :nono: again will I bother with TV models. It's enough to make U :smile11:


\ said:
Hiover xmas I noticed an advert on TV for a magazine building the flying Scotsman. Each month I assume a few more bits are tacked on the front cover. The loco looked to be in 0 gauge, my question is does any one know where or how to buy this magazine?

Cheers kevin

The Mag in question is from Hachette Partworks Ltd.

P O Box 77


NE32 3YH

It comes as four issue monthly lots at £19.96 total, but the rate at which it builds, it will be quite expensive!. Having had 23 issues and not yet got a complete anything, I'm considering cutting my losses and stopping further issues. As some of the replies suggest, buy a complete kit it will allmost certainly be cheaper and you get all at once.

regards james


Hi Toughtony

Did you carry on with the Flying Scotman kit or stop at issue 23? If you did, was it worth it?




I would buy the Hornby Magazine and Model Rail Magazine for information of Kits and Build. The one you are talking about will cost you an arma and a leg and if the company go bust before you finsh it is worthless and the amount of money you would be putting into this magazine kit is outragous.

Buy a kit and save yourself some money.




I was also interested in this and had wanted to have a crack at Brass Train Modelling for a while. Someone above mentioned details of this exact kit to buy outright, any further info available on this.

Also can anyone recommend a good book covering the subject.

Mar 1, 2018
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All these part works must be contracted out manufacture by the part work seller in the first instance.
I would guess that basically they are marketing people who have to go out to established model kit manufacturers in order to get the part work pieces made.
For example a piece work model of the Swedish Ship Vasa was contracted out to Artesania Latina, and I now believe that you can buy the complete kit from more established model boat retailers.
Don't get me wrong, some of the piece work models are very impressive when built. I have seen the De Agostini James Bond DB5 built up and it looks pretty good as far as a screw together model goes.
None of the piece work cars however are anywhere near as good or detailed as the kits you would buy from Model Factory Hiro so you pays your money etc etc.