Guardians of the Galaxy, The Milano

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Apr 7, 2012
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Hey all,

Been a while since I posted anything build related so I figured I would break up all those mud covered build posts :smiling3:

I've had this kit a few years now and was just about to start it back then but another modeller built it before me so I put it on hold till I was ready to make mine.

You'll see in the pics the kits pretty straight forward and the resin isn't in too bad a shape, the hardest part is actually getting good reference material for the colour scheme. I've searched through hundreds of pictures and seen hundreds of different variations on the patterns. That said I settled on my version :smiling3:
I'm using Mr Color paints the blue is the same one I used on my Ironman Igor build ( forget the colour ) and the yellow is actually the Blue Angels yellow that Mr Color do.
I've filled and rescribed all the panel lines as they weren't much cop and I'll be adding a few little extra bits I feel it needs.

As always any comments welcomed and it's good to be back ;)