Guidelines to the member suggested GB's Please read befor you post.

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In my endless efforts to make this as clear as possible, I have had a re-write and condensed the earlier thread down to this.
1; suggesting a build.

Go to this page,
Start a new thread for each suggestion, the title of the thread should be your suggestion.
For example; The start Of WWII.
In the body of the post include the details of the idea.
For example: Any military subject that was used in the first year of the second world war. Or The British Expeditionary Forces
Then state if you want it as a diorama build or single subjects. Note, A single subject can always be put into a diorama at a later date if the builder wishes, but not everyone wants to build a diorama and might shy away from the idea.
Say If you want to limit the build to a specific scale or if it is open to any scale.
The length of the build and the start date. An Anniversary type build the date of the event makes a good start date.
The more complex the build the more time it will need, consider that. However lets not all just suggest 12 months starting 1st jan 2019, otherwise the calendar will be full in no time and everyone will say 'there are too many GB's. Like wise a fairly simple idea can have a run time of four months, which I think many consider an OK time to build a simple subject.
The GB's are not bound to the calendar year, a few examples of this can be found where the start is in one year the end in another. So do not be afraid to suggest that.

Unless otherwise stated, builds begin on the first day of the starting month and end on the last day of the ending month. So Jan - March would be the 1st of January through to the 31st March.

If you suggest a build you are committing to host it; Make a list of those wishing to partake and keep it up to date.Keep the thread under control and on topic, keep the chit chat down and the like. This is easier if you remember to click on the Watch thread Button!
As the host of the build you are expected to be an active participant of the build.
Once the list is upto a minimum of 10 members you can send a message to me so a forum can be made for it.

2; Joining a build,
If you wish to join a GB simply make a clear statement in the thread along the lines of Add me to the list. or I'm in. Words to that effect.
Things like Great idea, maybe and depends are to open for interpretation.
Please refrain from chatter and posting pictures it just clutters things up.
Once the GB has been agreed and you would like to join in, just go to the Forum for it and join in. No need to ask, the more the merrier.
If there is a question you would like to ask regarding the subject, by all means ask. However, If for example the suggestion says, 1/72 dont go asking if you can build a different scale.
Do not try to bend the suggestion to fit your own desires. If you think it would be better if ...... then make a suggestion yourself.

3; OK the list has hit the magic number, now what?
Once a suggestion has hit the magic number and has the 10 participant minimum, contact me and I will make a forum (as mentioned above), Sometimes Polux or I will make a first post to start a chat thread for that specific GB, and introduce the host. Other times the host will make it.
Shortly after that the Suggestion thread will be moved to the approved section, out of the way.

4; Posting you build.
If you find the forum before the introduction post is made, please wait until the intro is made befor posting.
You make a new thread in the forum for your own build. The title must include your name, the subject and the scale. eg. Ian M's HMS Ark Royal, Trumpeter 1/200 (wishful thinking!). or in the event of a diorama; Ian M's forgotten warrior, 1/35. Dragon. name subject scale.
As per all GB's box art and sprue photos are required. (unless scratch build that is :smiling3: )
You may post these as soon as you like, add comments and the like, BUT NO BUILDING until the start date.
To maintain a club like experience post regular updates so all can follow the progress. Photos. As good as you can get them and in the post rather than an attachment is preferred.
Please avoid posting photos of your work in other peoples threads. Unless they are to show how you got around a problem the OP has asked for help with.

5; OK finished, now what?
Once the project is completed you can post a couple of photos at the end of the build log and then go to the relevant completed section for the genre you have built.. All the completed sections have a "Completed GB" section. Use the same title as you did for the build and if you like add the GB title after. eg. if the GB was for a diorama; Ian M's Forgotten warrior (Spanners diorama GB).
If it was just a Tank GB post it in the completed Armour section. Get the idea?
Also it is a good idea to cross link the build thread and the completed build.
Once you have made the thread with the photos, copy the page address and past it into the Build thread and then copy the build thread address and part it into the Photos thread.

I think that about covers it. If not, speak up.
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