Hotel Peabody


May 22, 2016
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I built this thing several years ago in a class on model building for architects. (I never got a job doing it, alas).

It's made using a micro table saw and plexi-glass. First I cut out the clear walls from big scraps of plex and made light saw cuts to form the vertical lines on the windows Then I glued on horizontal strips of plex which I later painted brown and grey. After I painted them, I used the micro-saw to cut grooves for the vertical green styrene strip pieces. Some parts around the door way are styrene as well but the canopy is plexiglass. Plex is easy to work with using wet/dry sand paper and saws (with blades compatible with plastic!). 

The sign on the roof is scratch built using balsa and basswood. Right after I made it I found out there are road sign kits! The printed part is from a model train magazine.

Someday, when I build a layout, I will put on a full square roof and butt it up against a couple of other buildings. Also, maybe I'll make a fancy vertical sign over the doorway. 

4 Hotel Peabody.JPG

6 Peabody.JPG