Monogram F-100 Super Sabre



Ok, I'm new to this forum, but I want to get something started because I'm liking the atmosphere here. I actually started this kit over a year ago but it got bogged down after I started rescribing the fuselage.

Well after a year of working another kit which didn't turn out (for now), I decided I needed some therapy so I picked this one up and have been making progress. I need to get some updated photos of work in progress which I will post as soon as I can.

In the meantime here are some of the earlier photos. Not much to see at the moment.

I wanted the vents to look more real, so you can see my efforts and how I did them.

I also rescribed the panel lines.

Two things I did but have no pictures of are , I removed the horizontal stabilizers from the fuselage molding as it will be far easier to fill and sand the seam line in this area with them out of the way. I plan to mount them on brass rods in brass tubing so they can be positioned

The other thing I did was remove the intake ducting from the cockpit flor, extedned it and glued it to the intake lip. This allowed me to more eaily fill the seam on the inside of the lip where the two parts joined. My plan is to glue the lip and trunck to the upper fuselage first before joining the upper and lower fuselage halves. Hopefully this will make it easier to get a better fit on the lip and fuselage join line.

Anyway, that's it for now. I'll try to get more soon.

Carl - Attempting to Take my building to a whole new level

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Nice detailing work, Carl!! It's the little things that seem to make a model shine the brightest on the shelf! Anything that will cause people to look closer, and say wow! :smiling3:

Beautiful job, and look forward to seeing it come together! :smiling3:

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Thanks Frank.

Funny how doing one thing can lead to another. When I originally started this kit last year I started down the AMS trail and was going to add all the fine details. Now I want to use this kit as therapy and concentrate on the external finish. So having something that draws people in closer implies that I will need to do extra work in the cockpit. Hmmm, sounds like AMS is trying to rear its head again!!



Well, it's been somewhat slow from a modeling perspective mainly because it's been busy from a living perspective. However, I did get some work completed and I have a few new photos.

I'm in the mode of getting the scribing and some pre-assembly done before I commence painting.

The fit of the upper to lower fuselage on this kit is a bit of a problem. Also doing the seams at the junction would be problematical if the wings and horizontal stablizers were installed. So my solution was to remove the horizontal stablizers. They will be remounted later during the final assembly. I plan on installing a piece of brass tubing in the area where they mount. The stabilizers will have corresponding brass rod sized to fit in the brass tube.

The wings required a different approach. After looking them over and mulling different ideas I decided I will cut the one piece assembly in half and slide them in after I finish the fuselage. Since the original mounting design of the wing reqiures the wings to be one piece I've glued styrene supports in the fuselage where the wings mount. These will support the center tab as well as give me something to glue the wings to.

To fix the fit problem between the fuselage upper and lower halves, I glued in some styrene spreader bars at strategic locations. They spread the fuselage slightly and will make it much easier to clean up the seams without worrying about a step between the parts.

The photos show the spreader bars (one aft and one forward of the wing area.). The other styrene in the wing area are the wing supports I mentioned previously. Not visible is a third spreader bar at the very aft end of the fuselage to help line it up with the seperate tailcone assembly.

With the wings and horizontal stabs off, it will be far easier to clean up the seam between the upper and lower fuselage halves.

The photo of the vertical stab hows more scribing. Where it mounts to the fuselage was another problem area that I solved by some light sanding of the bottomside where it attaches to the fuselage.

The other photo is the intake trunk glued to the nose intake. Doing it this way made it easier to fill the seams on the interior of the parts. I also extended the trunk somewhat. For those that are familiar with this kit, you will also notice that I've seperated the trunk from the cockpit assembly (for the same reason).

Next up will be installing the brass tubing mentioned, some straightening of the wing (it's a bit warped), a bit of primer to make sure all the seams I've filled are looking okay, and then painting of the interior.


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Wing Scribe.jpg

Vertical Stab Scribe.jpg


Outstanding, Carl!

Watching with interest! :smiling3:

Take care,



Monogram 1/48 Super Sabre WIP update

Time for another update. I've been working on the cockpit. Had to add some detail to it because it was somewhat weak. This isn't the focus of this model, but I had to add a little more than what came with the kit.

I still need to coat the parts with Future, give them a wash and apply some weathering.

Also, I modified the tailcone assembly by adding a brass tube to better simulate the exhaust pipe.


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