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Apr 28, 2018
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In another thread,
Jakko, would like to see those two PBR dios. :smiling2:
I replied I’d take some pictures “tomorrow” but it took a bit longer. First, the PBR diorama I built when the kit was newly released, so that must have been /me checks Scalemates 1991. I had to dust off the diorama first, but obviously some corners are impossible to reach, so there’s still some dust in the photos. Some bits have also broken off in earlier dustings (none now, luckily), such as the rifle of the man standing on the front deck.


Straight from the box, with the Tamiya crew as well, plus some Dragon SEALs. The idea behind the diorama is that the boat has just been attacked, and the crew and SEALs are just beginning to return fire. The water is painted plaster, the base simply 5 cm styrofoam with a hole cut in it for the hull.

The other diorama, like I said in the original thread, was never actually built. I started it a few years after the other one, but I don’t recall when exactly — call it 25 years ago, I suppose. Here’s the parts for it as I found them today, in the PBR box together with a half-painted Matchbox F-104 Starfighter and a TOM Polish TKS tankette:


Again, I dusted them off first, because they had been stored in an open box. These are the diorama parts, all finished to my standards of the day:


The PBR has been modified by removing the radar dome, as was apparently done sometimes, and an M60 should have gone on top of it instead, that’s why the ammo can is there. If it’s still in the box, then I didn’t spot it. The figures now are mainly Verlinden, with Hornet heads on the standing one with the shotgun and the chap in the boat. He seems to have plastic legs with a Verlinden torso. Not sure where the smaller one without body armour is from, but I think some French make. The sampan is Verlinden, the guns etc. inside from various sources.

Note that the wires are a bit slack, which is not due to lack of modelling skill but rather, tripping when walking back to the house with the model I had just sprayed in the shed … I discovered then that a model landing upside-down on brick paving may get damaged :sad: I had to restore the mast because of that, and so the wires were no longer as taut as they had been.

This is how I intended the diorama to be, which I could work out because I also found the piece of plexiglass I was going to use for the water, with the boats’ outlines marked on it and one roughly sawn out already:


The only thing I’m not sure of is the guy I put on the back deck here. I think now, typing this, that he was more intended as the coxswain, and so should be just outside the steering position instead.
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