Porsche RSR 1:24 'Jagermeister' (Revell)


May 16, 2020
East Sussex
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So this has taken a good 11+ weeks to finish but with lockdown, back to semi-normal and then other stuff going on I ended up actually forgetting to do it. But now I'm done and I'm reasonably happy with the results. This is my most complex build to date and there are a couple of things I might go and fix but it's good enough for me. I enjoy the build more than the final result but this was a real learning exercise. I'd previously done some 1:32 Airfix kits but this had triple the number of parts and complexity of those.

Things I got wrong were using a grey primer for an Orange finish when a white primer would have given a brighter finish I think. I fitted the front door windows (the small ones at front edge of doors) on the wrong sides so they curve in slightly, not out. I can tell and you can see if you look but not end of the world. Lastly was the boot spoiler where I painted too much on the underside for the black rubber portion of the Whale-Tail. Again doesn't really show too much. Lastly, and I only noticed this today as I took pics, there should be a thin black line at the front of the boot (Front) lid which I missed but am a little scared to add in case I mess it up. But that I might do later. I'll wait until I get a new bottle of matt black paint as mine is a little old and thick as nearly finished. The main thing I realised on a kit this size is the paintwork is really key to a great final finish and mine was done with rattle cans, where an airbrush I'm sure would give a better result?

Happy to get all kinds of feedback. I know I'm not an expert (this is my 9th kit)