Typhoon TK-17 based on Engel's Kit



here : Scale Link Ltd Meshes / Mailles

Hello everyones !

Well, some times passe since the last post, and I was not inactive. I prefer to take my time (and take it easy) to planify correctly the rest of steps and process to do !

This time, it is the bow dive planes with retract mechanism who be the center of the work today. I haven't finish yet the WTC and I prefer to put retract mecanism before completion of WTC. I used Ramesh's method and made an helper to fix properly the system. However building process was much easier than I feared. Now I need to fix definitively the system and sand properly the PVC before painting (process will be done... later...when WTC finish ! so.... laaaaateeer ^^).

Post with all photo since that day and here will follow :smiling3: