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Make a lake for dioramas in 10 mins! FULL HQ VID

Discussion in 'Tutorials and how to's' started by Tank To Tank, May 12, 2011.

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    :: Full Length HQ Video ABOVE:: :dj:

    Ever wanted to have a realistic lake for your miniature scene or model railway? This tutorial shows how to create a full lake with reeds and other interesting features.

    This took me 10 minutes to create (drying time much longer, 24 hours for the lake to dry!) and would probably take longer normally: I was in a massive rush to get this done! That's something a modeller has got to learn early on, otherwise the end product does not dry well!

    A written set of instructions:

    You will need;
    - Water Effects Bottle (Javis Realistic Water used in this tutorial
    - Talus of any kind (Gaugemaster Talus used in this tutorial
    - Blue acrylic / poster paint(s)
    - Static grass (Games Workshop static grass used in this tutorial)
    - Any PVA Glue
    - FINE Brush!

    1). Using your Brush paint an outline in PVA of your lake. Try to make it small; it gets harder as you make it larger. Make sure the PVA is applied thick so it is several millimetres deep.

    2). Apply the talus on this PVA. It may be a wise idea to make this barrier a few stones wide, depending on how fine your talus is.

    3). Paint your lake surface in blue. LET THIS DRY, else your lake Surface will mix and look horrid!

    4). Once this has dried, apply your realistic water no thicker than 4mm. It will naturally spread itself over time so don't apply too much.

    5). Make sure the whole surface is covered. If there is too much and it is overflowing then add more talus where it is leaking and the talus will dry.

    6). After 24 hours apply scatter around the lake. Add clump foliage, lichen and trees to make it look more scenic!

    That brings us to the end of the tutorial. All of these products will be reviewed individually soon!

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