Airfix 1:72 Lighting F6

Jens Andrée

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Jun 4, 2017
Skåne, Sweden
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Or, they were mounted on top because someone thought it would be very British and eccentric to do so !
But you don't mean that you sometimes do things a bit differently?... :tongue-out:

Jokes aside, that's how innovation works and unless you try the unorthodox you don't know if something can be improved.
We Swedes also reinvent the wheel more often than not but it has brought success.
The whole world scratched their heads when we designed and built our STRV 103, a.k.a. the "S-tank". Sadly it was never tested in battle but it would've been a fierce tank destroyer simply because you couldn't see it - let alone hit it!
The double delta wing of J35 Draken is also a huge leap in innovation compared to the two previous ones Saab 29 Tunnan and Saab 32 Lansen. This one proved to be a huge success.

We've done a few dodgy ones too but let's keep them out of the discussion... ;)