Ello. I got too many BN "Executive" SD70s so one went to the shops for a respray.

This is where we are going.

Top is the original Grinstein "Executive" livery MAC , Next A Heritage 2 MAC, during this era the roof and sides were GN type green. Next is the Repaint in the H3 orange, as demonstrated by the 70ACE below. You can see that the green has given way to black and the BNSF herald is now a "power-barf" version. Note the huge rad housing on the ACE compared to the MAC. Makes for cooler engines to comply with Fed regs on emissions, similare to the GE solution with the GEVOs.

Madness comes to town. You would think that being small it would take less time to paint and detail "mice" . Not so, fiddly and just as many transfers, which are more difficult to align, especially the stripes. This is especially true of that small section of striping that goes around the top of the air intake for the dynamic brakes, its wedge shaped, so it had to be done in 3 sections if transfer sheet. The bits on the top-side are about 1.5 mm long.

Oh the cruel camera. Quite happy with the end result, except for the step handrails front and rear. Despite a minimal dusting they look abismal, because they are overscale in the first place. They'll have togo. Anyway here you go for now. THe pics good a good idea of the nice wheel profiles the KATO locos have.

They make N tolarable IMO

Bye bye
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The modelling is brilliant and I've always had a soft spot for railway stock but half of what you say above could be a foreign language for all I know! In fact which country does this particular engine come from?

I'm sure it means a lot to you and your fellow railway modellers though! How about some more shots of your layout?


Tis 'Merican Richard. BNSF was a merger of The Burlington Northern RR and the (Aitcheson Topeka) Santa Fe

I'll post the layout in a new thread in a bit.

Here is a shot of previous liveries that are still running today, years after the merger. The silver and red is the old Santa Fe "super fleet" warbonnet, green-black BN cascade, dark green BN "Executive" and the orange-green / orange black are BNSF schemes. The orange green predates the orange-black, which is on use today. Its a big outfit, I read the only people that use more diesel than the BNSF is the US Navy.