Royal institute Christmas Lecture 198: From Magna Carta to microchip – Measurement and navigation in war


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Sep 4, 2019
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Morning all

So I'm currently reading Richard Morris' biography of Leonard Cheshire VC and of course it mentions a number of pilots that flew on the Dambusters raid, including Harold "Micky" Martin who would eventually rise to the rank of Air Marshal and be knighted by the Queen.

I knew a bit about his wartime career but in searching him up on the internet I stumbled across the 1981 Royal institute Christmas Lecture series titled 'From Magna Carta to microchip – Measurement and navigation in war'.

One of the five lectures, in part, describes how triangulation can be used to work out where you are, how high you're above something and how far you are from something.

One of the examples used was the Dambusters raid. About 8 minutes in they demonstrate how spotlights we used to give the correct height for the aircraft on the attack run.

Then just before 12 minutes they use the example of the bomb site designed for the raid to demonstrate the concept further.......this part of the lecture is actually given by the then recently retired Air Marshal Sir Harold 'Micky' Martin himself.

The lecture is from 1981 and is obviously a product of its time, plus the lecturer is not the most dynamic but it's worth watching nonetheless.

Link below.