Drew's (homechild) Pacific Dogfight

Oct 17, 2010
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I can't remember what product was used for the water, it was some kind of 2 part resin. I'm looking for suggestions from other people for what they use as this still still shows fingerprints when you touch it and I don't wknow how to stop this happening. Maybe a coat of gloss varnish would seal it...

Anyway, I used Vallejo water effects for the waves, I'm wishing I did it straight onto the water now because where there aren't any waves it looks too flat and calm. I created them on tin foil and peeled them off when dry (took about 2 days to dry hard enough), then glued them to my ocean and painted them last night.

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So, although I had fun building this, I'm happy with some of it (the planes) and not happy with other parts (the water - which has also shrunk and come away from the edges!).

I still like the idea of this dio though so I may attempt something similar in the future (when my modelling skills are better).

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More pictures in the completed section...

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