1. R

    Rick's Hasegawa 1/200 P-8 Poseidon

    All done. This is a really nice little kit of a relatively recent aircraft type soon to be in service with the Royal Air Force. It went together well, I don't recall using any filler but there are a few errors on my part and I haven't added the under side shark fin aerials. Build thread...
  2. beowulf

    '55 Chevy Dragster

    '55 Chevy Pro Sportsman dragster as driven by Charles Carpenter Revell 1/25 scale ok kit but the rollcage was a challenge and the decals were a bugger, a bit thick and the big ones rippled in places
  3. InFlames

    Saab 210 Draken; Planet Models 1:72

    Little known prototype for the better known 30% larger brother J35 Draken. Whole article and photo gallery available by clicking on the below photo:
  4. snapper41

    41(F) Squadron in 1/48; by popular demand, all together!

    Since a few people have asked to see my 41 Sqn in 1/48 collection in toto, here they are, in order. Please excuse those against a blue background - I didn't have proper photo lights and stuff back then - they are the older shots. Thanks again to everyone for following this labour of love! It...
  5. Fishbone

    KPAF Mig-29 [Skeleton]

    The MiG-29, considered as What-if theme, inspired by the Korea movie commonly known as Soar Into the Sun outside of Asia and R2B: Return to Base in Asia. Replicating the Korean People's Air Force's MiG-29 in the movie, dogfighting a ROKAF F-15k which I will link it in the comment section with...
  6. R

    Hawker Hurricane IIc 1:72 Legato & Revell +++

    Hawker Hurricane IIc 1:72 Legato & Revell On the occasion of the birthday of the Queen of the British decided to make the British model, the choice fell on the Hurricane. To build the model were used moldings companies Legato 90%, 10% Revell Sets Eduard SS117, Part S72-108, Yahu 7242...
  7. peterairfix

    Airfix 1\72 Mk.1 Hurricane (new mould)

    This one was a quick build its airfix's new mould a very nice kit to put together I might have rushed a bit but i turned out ok Comments are welcome
  8. John Huggins

    Batmoblie 1989

    Calling this one finished, removed most of the chrome as it looked naff. Not my best work but it's getting there. John.
  9. Fishbone

    ROKAF F-15K Slam Eagle [11th TFW]

    1/72 ROKAF F-15K Slam Eagle, 11th Tactical Fighter Wing (11전투비행단) Gunze #305 as main color. CBU-87, AIM-9x and AIM-7 as the weapons and also AN/AAQ-13 LANTIRN + Navigation pod under the fuselage. ROKAF related decals by Fishbone Inc. and the others are stock decals came with the F-15...
  10. peterairfix

    Revell 1\96 Spanish Galleon

    At last it's finally finished and it's only taken me three years. A nice kit to put together but the rigging is a nightmare. So please enjoy it and comments are welcome
  11. papa 695

    papa 695s Peugeot 905

    Well I'm calling this one done. Not a bad little kit.
  12. colin 2611

    Not Actually A Model

    Hi people, So I go out in my garden on a lovely Saturday morning with every intent to finally slap some masonry paint on the back of my shed, I find up the paint, brushes etc just about to start, when i step back and stand on something, turns out to be a black marker pen, didnt break it, wonder...
  13. peterairfix

    1\250 Titanic tidy up

    I have now finished my tidy\renovation of my titanic it originally done for the 2014 ssig. I have replaced all the rigging and tidy the life boats and added portholes and a new coat of paint. This ship is part scratch build (hull) and part work magazine. So I hope you like it
  14. BigZimmo

    Tamiya 1/48: Ki-84 Hayate "Frank"

    Hi mates!!! Here comes my new Ki-84 Hayate in 1/48 scale. The kit comes from Tamiya, colours from Gunze, Revell and ModelMaster. Banzai...... Stefan ;)
  15. yak face

    Monogram 1/48 scale B58 Hustler

    Heres the Hustler finished , it took me a long time and Im still not really happy with the finish but its all part of the never ending learning curve!! I put a Yak 9T of the same scale on the last pic to give an idea of the size . Build thread can be found here...
  16. Fishbone

    N1k2-J Shiden-Kai

    第三四三海軍航空隊, 戦闘301飛行隊, 紫電二一型局地戦闘機 1/72 Kawanishi N1K2-J Shiden-Kai "飛びます" Hasegawa has basically "owned" the N1K2-J for 30 years, since they introduced a 1/72 kit of the airplane in the early 1970s that advanced the state of the art with razor-sharp trailing edges and engraved panel detail...
  17. TimJ

    Revell '49 Mercury

    I completed this back in February before I joined the forum. A great kit which went together without any trouble. I added some side trim from half round styrene strip. Paint is Halfords Ford Roman Bronze over Humbrol Gold.
  18. peterairfix

    Revell micro wings F4U-1 Corsair

    This one is in a scale of 1\144 and is a result of an afternoons work i think i may have been a bit heavy on the weathering but comments are welcome. I hope you like it
  19. R

    Revell Fw190 F-8

    Hi all, Just finished building Revell's (relatively) new Fw190 and I can't recommend it too highly! Aside from adding rivet lines with a wheel, seatbelts and a custom swastika template for the tail, this was made straight out of the box: All suggestions for improvements next time/general...
  20. Ade Close Enough

    Babylon 5's Whitestar One

    After having this resin kit for over two years I decided to get it built and so here's the finished kit. I used Mr Hobby paints for the main colours and though you can't see it in the pictures it has a Pearl Essence white paint ghosted on, believe me you can see it in the flesh so to speak :)...